How the Sea Made Us Fall in Love

Song Description

Cool jazz. Falling in love on the Beach and the Sea. Very uplifting and positive lyrics.

Song Length 7:16 Genre R & B - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Delighted
Subject Happiness Language English


Before I close my eyes every night
I hold you in the tender light, and
It?s just like the night we met
A night I will never forget

Our eyes met as one, for what seemed like forever
Our hearts trembled together
Alone in the dark, the waves on the sand
I remember the touch of your hand, and

How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
A love as deep as the sea

A long time from now, the same moon above
Will still shine its light on our love
Night after night, now and forever
We?ll remember the mist and the breeze, and

How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
A love as deep as the sea

How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
How the sea made us fall in love
A love as deep as the sea

Sweet sax, flawless vocals, great instrumentation. This is a beautiful seaside-themed love song. Love the background ocean soundscape. The instrumental section, though long, is so pleasant to listen to. Totally smooth, easy listening. You could probably market the instrumental track all by itself. Your band really has it together.

Lovely light and easy listening feel.
Great instrumentation and mix to support the mood and vocals.
Kenny G kicks it off and we've instrumentation that's very familiar and professional in terms of what plays on easy listening radio.
The vocalist has a touch of Gloria Estefan going on and is great.
Nice ocean sound effects and good mix of instruments and interesting chord changes.

Good song, I thought it was too long.

First class production! Love the vocals and the arrangement. This is reminiscent of classic soul from the early seventies, circa Roberta Flack et al. Here's to you continued success!

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely love this! The sound was very retro....back when real music was created! The instrumentation was totally awesome! The song, vocals, emotions you could hear, the hook and all was so perfect! This song definitely has great potential for placement!

Great sound, nice harmony, warm arrangement, heartfelt lead vocal.... a great combo, and supported by some high end playing on the saxophone, guitar and keys. Rings of Whitney and Anita Baker, and takes me back to nice years of my life. Nice concept too, of the sea making people fall in love. Well balanced recording too, with each instrument and the vocal sitting coherently in balance.

That voice just makes me melt like an ice-cream cone in the summer!
I've listened three times. All instruments balanced, production spot on! Love the breakdown and pick up with that mellow guitar!
Really fun eye-opening experiance!!

Lovely semi-Jazz feel to this song, almost Steely Dan in ambience. I love those jazz chords. Great to hear an electic piano on the song, that gets me every time. The vocal is tremendous, and the sax is beautiful. All round great instrumentation. Those musicians are top notch. Please tell them that! Strong chorus. Very well recorded with good sound quality.

On the second verse I expected a male voice to come in - the track sounds like a Disney theme tune. Beautifully executed tune. I always appreciate great playing and chord progressions - this has those in spades. Fabulous alto sax player! Please don't tel me it's a synth or I'll have to go out and buy it as I use a lot of sax on my stuff and it's so appallingly virtual! A good sign in my book is that I listened to the whole thing - that doesn't always happen with me as there are some pretty awful tracks on here.
Reminds me of so many artists - Al Jarreau, Kenny G, Michael McDonald, Regina Belle and on.............

Lyrics Jay Gross, Jose Gomez, Sherrie Sano Music Jose Gomez, Jay Gross, Sherrie Sano
Producer Jim Gately and Peter Valentine Publisher Jogony Music (ASCAP) JGross Music (ASCAP) Checker Cab Music (SESAC)
Performance Paula Hanke
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