When My Baby Sings

Story Behind The Song

Song of inspired love and the beauty of a lover's voice/spirit

Song Description

Simple love song, somewhat spiritual

Song Length 3:47 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Madly In Love
Similar Artists Jackson Browne, Don Henley Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


When My Baby Sings (Singer/Songwriter)

When my baby sings
I can feel the flutter of angel's wings
And I know right then and there
Heaven ain't far away

It's a magical thing
There's an awesome power in the gift she brings
She finds a voice down deep in her soul
When she hears the music play

I have felt true hunger and emptiness
The long cold shadows of loneliness
I have done my time as a prisoner of all these things
But she banishes the darkness with her healing light
A weight is lifted and my soul takes flight
And I know I'll be alright
When my baby sings

When my baby smiles
I forget about the heartaches and the wasted miles
That I traveled in search of something
My mind could not yet define

But now she lights up my heart
And I know what I've been after from the very start
She's the answer to the question
I thought I would never find

I have yearned for something that I just couldn't touch
Something I'd never seen but yet I missed much
Now I see my dream with my eyes open wide
All those years I spent just going in reverse
Who understands the mysteries of the universe?
But I know I've broken the curse
When my baby smiles

Nice cool relaxing vibe, good story, very nice instrumentation and vocals. Great job.

Very nice song, lot of feelings, great vocals, very authentic.

good flow, easy listening, reminds me of Garth Brooks early

Great Song enjoyed listening. You have a great voice and the song lyrics are really nice. Reminds me of Jackson Browne, smoothi piano playing complements the vocal and the strings work well. The production is also excellent, great work.

Here's a love song that is sweet enough to melt the hardest heart. The lyrics are fresh, sincere, and beautifully sung. Every word understandable. He puts his baby on a lovely poetic pedestal. The instrumentation is beautiful, yet does not overpower the vocal, just complements it. The string/bass/cello bed is subtle and gives the track that smooth low end that totally enhances the effect. Nice piano and production.

nice lyrical content, adequate vocal for the song. good writing structure! piano well played, and again the lyrics have many moments of wonderful-ness....i don't give these high marks often, so well done!

Very well produced sound. Arrangement and Instrumentation were great.
Loved the sweet violin sound at the end and would like more violin actually.

real nice harmoney melody arrangements just nice to have here

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