Groundhog Day

Story Behind The Song

We've all had them..a bad day..seems like everyday's the same ...A Groundhog Day!

Song Length 3:09 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Miranda Lambert Language English
Era 2000 and later


The alarm goes off I hit the snooze
Just Another 10 what I got to lose? yeah
Gotta bad head need to numb the pain?
Should've guessed I'm out of pills again yeah
There's a traffic jam I'm already late
And a suped up chevy who likes to tailgate yeah
And just to add to my misery
The lights keep turning red on me yeah

Hey Hey hey hey
Its a Groundhog, groundhog day
Rewind and.. press play
Just Another crazy day
Aint life just a little peach, gotta suck it up and grit my teeth
On a Groundhog day

Need a cuppa joe, Meet my ex in line
And my credit card has been declined yeah
Got a dirty olde stain on my top
Man it's not even 10 o clock yeah
And the needles sitting on near empty
Gotta top her up with my last twenty
Headin' home I get a flat
I gotta change in the rain 'n' I hate that

Repeat Chorus

Stepped on gum, whatda know
Feet are sore in my stilettos
Computer crashed
Lost all my work
Boss is being a real jerk
It doesn't get any better
No No Got that final demand letter

Repeat Chorus

Outra (to fade on last line)
Bought myself a ticket for the lottery
With the change from my last twenty
Cos you never know it could be me
And Maybe tomorrow wont be such a Groundhog Day....Groundhog day

Millie, the song structure for Groundhog Day is good and the production is excellent. I listened intently to this country up tempo song many times and then I listened again. The length and the lyrics are very good. The lyrics are in an explicative form and the up tempo drive does end with that positive message for the listener who definitely will keep listening to the end because the length of the song is good.
Now with this song, "Groundhog Day" I would say to you, Millie, take it now on to the one of the hardest phases of the songwriting music recording business which is marketing towards sales. Also as this isn't my first song of yours that I've reviewed, step by step you continue to write and do good work. Your songwriting career can be directed in many different ways to being a songwriter for a publishing house or direct marketing through Broadjam's opportunities. It's up to you. All I can say is Bravo Millie for it's a Groundhog Day!

Lyrics Camilla Gilson Music Camilla Gilson
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Performance Angela Hurt

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