Great Story Songs

C.J. Miller
Hogjaw & Willie
Unique - Unclassified
Plays: 130
Susan Witzel
Poor Girl In A Rich Kid's Town
Pop - Classic
Plays: 231
Greg Lambert
New Year's Day
Pop - Religious
Plays: 404
Susan Witzel
You Have No Idea (Folk Version)
Folk - Country
Plays: 657
Jeff Rauschl
Black Tar Road
Folk - Americana
Plays: 95
Jeff Rauschl
Always On The Road
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 279
Greg Lambert
The Rose
Pop - Rock
Plays: 424
Greg Lambert
Country - Americana
Plays: 396
Spud Davenport
You'd Love Me Now (If You Knew Me Then)
Rock - Modern
Plays: 84
J Nelson K
Luckiest Man Alive
Folk - Americana
Plays: 660
Tom Stipe
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 491

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