The Rose

Song Length 5:33 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1960 - 1969


The Rose
©2014 Greg Lambert

I lost the flowers you gave to me
They were taken by the wind
Lost forever, and a rainy day
They just blew away

I watch the raindrops as they hit the ground
Like my memories of you
Random, scattered, dancing all around
Energy, imagery, and nowhere to go but down

I call your name now, lovely one
Here on your corner, among the flowers
But the rose is gone

You like the romance of a summer day
Like the day we fell in love
You left your flowers and your corner stand
And you took my hand

All the hours seemed like days
As we sang our songs of love
Just two lovers singing in the rain
Melody, harmony, heroin and cocaine


I lost the flowers you gave to me
But the memory remains
Ever fragrant, pressed within my heart
Hiding from the rain

And all these showers blow like hurricanes
As they storm across my mind
Lovely flower taken in her prime
Thoughtlessly, needlessly
I just came to say goodbye


Exceptional mix and great use of dynamics. I really enjoyed the lyrics and it's both well-performed and well-sung. Great job.

production of this track is first rate - love the stereo ponging of the rhodes. Snare is so warm with just enough verb.

Vocal track is strong - nice harmonies - judicious and perfectly placed giving the 2nd verse some kick sonically.

haunting melody with nice vocal phrasing - the b section before the chorus with the chord progression works really well.

Very enjoyable song, very tastefully done. Laid back and easy to listen to. Not much to critic here because I have a feeling that it turned out exactly how you wanted to. Keep up the good work, we need more songs like this on the radio.

Liked the arrangement, good instrumentation, vocal was decent, recording quality was very good, story of the song was really good too!

Nice Fleetwood Mac feel to it! I like it!

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