Biscay are a new 6-piece band playing a groovy hybrid of original funk, nu-jazz and world music (which some like to call "Yacht Rock") fronted by the soulful, sensuous alto of Eléa May, a sensational new talent who hails from Montpellier on the French Mediterranean.

Biscay thrive on the contrasts in their music - much like the part of the Atlantic from which they take their name, their songs unpredictably combine smooth sounds with stories on the turbulence of 21st century life, all penned by award-winning songwriter and guitarist, Phil Danter.

Latest News

Biscay have received 22 placements across 5 competitions between 2013 and 2015, namely the UK, American, Hollywood and Indie|International Songwriting Awards. We received 4 Category Winners, 5 Finalists, 7 Semi-finalists and 6 Nominations across a total of 13 different songs.

Straight On Red Bio

Journeying from Funk to Soul to Rock and back again - Straight on Red are either diverse or just indecisive.
This hot new eight-piece band, whose members hail from Birmingham and London, have just emerged on the scene.
With a sound influenced by Steely Dan, Sting and Stevie Wonder, and lyrics inspired by the plight of the modern male - theirs is an album not to be missed.
But don't just take their word for it:

The album has so far gained acclaim from the likes of Claire Martin OBE (jazz singer and BBC Radio 3 presenter) Liane Carroll (double BBC Jazz Award winner) and Laurence Cottle (rock and jazz bass legend).
Claire Martin: "Downloading the album from iTunes - where have you been all my life?"

The band's guitarist and songwriter, Phil Danter, has recently won the jazz category of the UK's national Songwriting Contest 2013, with the song 'Nietzsche Tonight' (available on this site).

The band is:
Vocals: Tim Prottey-Jones
Guitar: Phil Danter
Piano/Keys: Kris Chase-Byrne
Bass: Richard Beardmore
Drums: Ben Haines
Percussion: Chris Davis
Brass: Nick Ashwood
Sax/Flute: Mike Davis

Their debut album is available now on Amazon and iTunes. Links to this and more information is on our website:

Further information:
Various artwork is available on request. (Press shots, album artwork, images from gigs)
The band's website:
Facebook: Twitter: @straightonered
Media Enquiries Contact:
Phil Danter -, or +44 (0)7966 620163

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Douglas Amell
over 30 days ago to Biscay

Love the acoustic guitar strumming at 3:47 of Space Dust...such a cool song musically.

Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago to Biscay

OK SOR. You inspired me to jump into Steely land, so I did this with you in mind. Listen to "Out of Pocket" when you can. Thanks for inspiring. MP

2 Replies
over 30 days ago

It's great Matt, especially the ear-bending chord which takes you to the chorus.....v v cool!!

Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago

Imagining horns in place of the chords....ahhhhhhh ..if I were only so lucky....

Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago to Biscay

Yeah! Man! Killin' it. Glad to have come across your tunes. Congrats. MP

3 Replies
over 30 days ago

Hey Matt - just listened to Josie, Wedding Dress and are you a versatile cat!! Great songs, great playing and immense production. Great to hear!! And thank you so much for your comment....particularly great to hear from someone so talented. Good luck man!!!!

Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago

FLattered from SOR! Please keep me posted as new tunes come out, and really nice to connect with you guys. MP

Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago

Big ups to you for the 5*. Enjoying your tunes as well! MP

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