Just Won't Do

Story Behind The Song

We've all been dumped, but some dumpings have been known to be very brutal, revealing all your shortcomings....this tells that story....

Song Description

This guy isn't every girl's dream by any means, but has completely blind to his rather immature, boyish behaviour and is shocked to have it all revealed to him when he's dumped!!

Song Length 7:48 Genre Jazz - Fusion, Latin - Jazz
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Miserable, Outraged Subject Breaking Up, Judgement
Similar Artists Steely Dan, Sting Language English
Era 2000 and later


Recalling early days on my pedestal
I could do no wrong, love was plentiful
My how things have changed....feel so empty
Hindsight is always 20-20

I realise what I once knew, I now completely see through
I guess what this boils down to...I just won't do

Now I understand all that you said
Words carved on my heart - all of them misread
Seemed to go so well, leastways to me
Words of love just repartee

My favourite tunes they bugged you, my frequent bouts of man flu
My get rich schemes which fell through...I just won't do

Every single flaw, suffered so long
All I did was wait now you sound the gong
It's only space you seek, I know that space must be
Just the length and breadth of me

Obsession with my home brew, the fact I like my films blue
My X-box skills you outgrew...I just won't do

It took a while to construe, my failures were all due to
The limits to my world view...I just won't do

Lyrics Phil Danter Music Phil Danter
Producer Phil Danter/Bert Smorenburg Publisher Rolled In Glitter Records
Performance Straight On Red Label Rolled In Glitter Records
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