Ciara Elizabeth

The fresh new Indie artist - Ciara Elizabeth.

Ciara Elizabeth started singing the moment she arrived in this world. Her vocals were prevalent with the first cry. She starred in many of school and church programs which fueled her passion even more as the crowds cheered her on. Realizing at the age of 14 when her family was living New Orleans that entertainment was her calling, she pleaded daily with her mother to move to Los Angeles. January 7, 2007 began the journey to achieve that which God has designed her to be - an artist/musician.

Through this journey she has learned to rely on her own voice and to only do what she feels is right. SIngers and musicians must write and sing what makes their hearts beat in order to effectively penetrate into the souls of those who listen. Ciara Elizabeth learned through the experiences of several producers to speak up about what she wants instead of letting the influence of what others want her to be. She can proudly say that her first EP is all original stemming from her own life and experiences.

Based in LA but with a heart to spread her fresh sounds worldwide. Her voice resonates deep with the soul and leaves you thirsty for more. Ciara will soon be releasing her first EP in August 2013. Until then, keep watching and listening for the new sounds of Ciara Elizabeth.

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