I am a lyricist who writes music but can't play any instrument. I love writing country-like a condensed opera combined with a sonnet. Occasionally there's that fantastic rush with one inspired line. Confirms my belief in a power beyond myself.

Have written and performed in musical comedy, performed in Gilbert & Sullivan and dramas such as "No Exit," started and run two non-profit corporations. Member of NSAI, BMI, Austin Songwriters, Writers League of Texas, Rockport Writers Group, My Space, Facebook, ReverbNation, Broadjam (!), am getting into Twitter. Have self-published two books: "To Bernard Berenson with Love," and a how-to: "Survivor's Guide to Grief: be like a starfish."

Have four children, four grandchildren but am a widow, have lived in China and had long visits in Europe, speak French, German and some Hungarian and Spanish, and can sing in Russian and Marshallese. I love languages. I love life.

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So pleased I've won prizes this July from: Indie International Songwriting Contest for "Portrait in the Sand," and also from the Austin, TX Songwriters Group for Portrait and also for "God's Gift to You and Me."

It's thanks to the Indie prize that I am here on Broadjam and so so grateful! Thanks, Indie, for your inspired prizes!
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