The little studio south of the border in San Carlos, Sonora,
Quirky - Indie - Retro - Vintage

- Over 800 Broadjam Top 10 Lists!
- Broadjam Song of Month August 2012, June 2015
- Top 25 Music City Songwriter Contest 1990
- Carmen Wear Your Red Dress by Spanky and Our Gang licensed for indie films "Space Station 76," and "Norman"
- Bobby and Leslie currently have songs under contracts with Jody Friedman, HD Music Now and Pop-Up Music, London.

Bobby and Leslie are also half of band RAPAZZI. With gut wrenching, poetic lyrics in the vein of Leonard Cohen and a vocalist with the rugged sincerity of Johnny Cash, Rapazzi is the brainchild of a gifted Brazilian composer/producer, an American lyricist and seasoned vocalists living in Mexico. The result of their collaboration are retro Mexi-Cali infused beat generation exhortations on the meaning of life in the early 21st Century.

One fan commented "This is the coolest song I've heard....Johnny Cash plus the Neptunes plus Cake!"

Sounds Like: Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt

Latest News

Beach house with onsite studio.

Rapazzi Exclusive Representation Jody Friedman, HD Music Now.

Bobby and Leslie are part of the international (USA/MEXICO/BRAZIL/ARGENTINA/ITALY/ENGLAND) songwriting team dba Transcontinental Music Conspiracy (TMC)

The Twins

One of the highlights of a visit to beautiful San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico is a chance encounter with a unique musical quartet known to the locals as THE TWINS: four brothers, an uncle, a father, and two sons create a one of a kind sound. Not your father's mariachi band, but more Gypsy Kings!

A favorite memory will always be the day we first met The Twins. Leaving one of San Carlos' fine eateries, an impossibly small car pulled up and out popped four guys, two guitars , percussion, and a stand up bass! They played an extraordinary assortment of songs and we sang along in the parking lot for hours. From that point, Bobby and I were hooked. We dare you to try to keep you feet from tapping. In fact, I'll bet you get right up and dance all over the room.

Christie Forester

A unique talent, Christie Forester's lush piano and keyboard compostions are created in the moment. Hints of familiar melodies are woven to create music that is soothing and fresh.
Christie was born in Ambon, Indonesia where her parents, RB and Avelone Caveness were missionaries. At 12, she was her father's church pianist and although musically trained, seized every opportunity to create her own music ... much to her piano teachers' chagrin. After living in Singapore for many years, Christie returned to the United States where she married Walter Forester, completed her Ph.D. and at one time was a professional body builder! Christie lives and creates beautiful music and unique bead jewelry in the seaside village of San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

1960s Music Festival

Never before had this group of 60s icons played together, and many their first performance in Mexico. The result was a magical muscial moment that will be fondly remembered by all. Unfortunately after months of work and planning when the concert dates arrived I was sick as a dog! The local doc wanted me to go to hospital, but I told him the show must go on! Johnny Kito arrived with a nasty flu too, but mega professional that he is the music came through beautifully. I mention this because on this disc is my first released cover of a Randy Newman song (I'm a serious fan)and my voice was croaky, but has heart. Hope you like it Randy. - Leslie Sahlen, Producer

Rare Performances By 1960s Music Legends
for Hurricane Heroes in Mexico!

SAN CARLOS, SONORA, MEXICO - More than a dozen of the top singers and musicians of the 1960s music era gathered for an unprecedented event at the Paradiso Hotel Resort, to benefit San Carlos' non profit emergency medical service, RESCATE, and CASA de la CULTURA of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. The well known musical stars donated their talents for two Main Stage Concerts, Sunday Dec. 7 and Monday Dec. 8, 2003.

On Monday, September 22, 2003, at 7:00pm, San Carlos and Guaymas was hit by the full force of Hurricane Marty causing widespread destruction of homes and businesses. The RESCATE ambulance rescue were heroes many times over. Funds from the Festival in December will replenish the emergency medical supplies seriously depleted during the hurricane..

On Saturday Dec. 6 during the festival , the PERFORMING ARTS COUNCIL of SAN CARLOS hosted "Para Los Ninos." Gifted music students at Casa de la Cultura, a non profit providing free after school music education to the children of Guaymas, enjoyed a Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar master class with featured guitarist Peter Childs (Knob Lick Upper 10,000) and a concert from Chris Montez and Eddie Ponder (Spanky and Our Gang, Flying Burrito Brothers). Students also received donated musical instruments including FIVE new guitars generously provided by Guitar Center of Tucson, Arizona.

Opening the festival, Dec 5 was "Songs After Sunset," an old fashioned hoot night! Folks dusted off old guitars to join us on the beach. Bobby Sahlen held down the stage until the bus arrived from the airport with the featured performers. About 70 people stayed to enjoy spontaneous jams with Chris Montez, Ethan Edward and Peter Childs.
Performing individually and in groups for the two Main Stage Concerts were:

Chris Montez (Mexican American singer & songwriter)
Hits include "Let's Dance," "Call Me," "The More I See You"

Spanky McFarlane (Spanky and Our Gang and The Mamas and The Papas)
Hits include "Lazy Day'" "Sunday Will Never Be The Same," "Like To Get To Know You"

John Kito (Musical Director The Mamas and The Papas)
Hits include "California Dreaming," "Dream A Little Dream of Me," "Monday Monday"

Kenny Hodges (Spanky and Our Gang)
Wrote Hit song "And She's Mine"

Eddie Ponder (Spanky and Our Gang, Flying Burrito Bros.)

Carlos Bernal (Spanky & Our Gang, Turtles, Byrds)
"Turn Turn Turn," "Mr. Tambourine Man"

Ethan "George Edwards" Kenning (HP Lovecraft, Manhattan Transfer) "White Ship"

Marc McClure

Marc McClure's record company affiliations have been:Warner Bros. "Levitt & McClure" 1969 Capital Records Artist "Joyous Noise", "Joyous Noise Wandering man Suite" & "Marc McClure Songs for Old Ladys and Babys" '70 to'72 Bullalo Gap Artist "Gas, Food & Lodging" '72 to'75 CBS (Epic) Artist "Spanky & Our Gang" 1975 to 1980 Independant Prod. Jim Mason: "Kashmire" 1984

Marc has played with and recorded with and toured with:
Pat Boone
Delany Bramlett
Don Ellis Orchestra
Bonny Raitt
Joy of Cooking
James Lee Stanley
Dick Stabile Orchestra
Peter Tork
Little Feat
Leo Kottke
Accomplice (Mark Keller & Wendy Webb)
Willy Nelson
Wendy Waldman

He has happily served as a vocalist, guitar, Bass, keyoard, or Steel Guitar player in genre's from Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock to Gospel.

Mexmo San Carlos

Leslie Sahlen and latin legend Chris Montez, have created "the Mexican Motown" MexMo San Carlos S de RL de CV. Clients include The Twins, The Sahlens, Marc McClure, Eric Holland, Manuelito, Christie Forester, and Janney. Bobby Sahlen is a prolific singer songwriter who has been blessed with wonderful collaborators including Jim Berault, Chris Montez, and Elaine Spanky McFarlane. Gatorlegs/Mexmo has 18 CDs available on Leslie Sahlen produced the San Carlos 1960s Music Festival in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico the Curleyfests in Ferndale and Eureka, California. The Sahlens perform live every FRIDAY from 7 to 9 at the beautiful Evie's Upstairs in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

Bobby and Leslie Sahlen

What happens when a 70's session singer and a singer-songwriter hook up? Back in 1988, Bobby Sahlen and Leslie Antonetti met through a personal ad in a Dallas weekly newspaper. It was love at first sight. When Bobby heard Leslie sing for the first time during a studio session he was producing, a chain reaction happened that led to many years of musical collaborations, a successful touring group in the nineties, concerts with many surviving members of 60's supergroups in the early part of this new century.
Finally, after "retiring" to San Carlos , Sonora, Mexico, Bobby and Leslie Sahlen entered into the ultimate collaboration for two "studio rats". They formed Mex Mo San Carlos, in partnership with 60's superstar, Chris Montez, to promote some of the terrific talent we had found in San Carlos.
Besides multiple CD releases of other artists here, Bobby and Leslie recently released their first recorded project in more than 16 years, "Life's Much Better in Mexico.


Signal 30
over 30 days ago to Bobby and Leslie

Jay from Starburst Records recommended sending our video slideshow to you. It's called Native American Electronic Peace Dance. I have not figured out how to send it to you on here. But you can see it on our website or in Broadjam under our band name Signal 30. We hope you enjoy it. Rusty and Spark (Signal 30)

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago to Bobby and Leslie

Hi Bobby and Leslie, I really got a kick out of "Chevy Truck" and Back To You" is a beauty! So fun meeting you both the other evening :)

Bobby and Leslie
over 30 days ago to Bobby and Leslie

International Songwriting Competition 2015
Honorable Mention
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Let Me Breathe

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Hart Brothers
over 30 days ago

Bobby and Leslie Thank you for the great review. Buddy

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