I write county, jazz, and blues, songs, even a couple of children's songs. I belong to BMI and NSAI. Nothing would make me happier than to be writing for some artists in the line of Brad Paisley, TIm McGraw, and Reba McIntyre as I like to write humorous lyrics and sadder love songs.

I was raised in the country and grew up doing my share of farm work. It wasn't until college that a roommate introduced me to Country and I was hooked.

Many writer complain they don't have time to write. I work two jobs and work on some type of music everyday. Is it art equals happiness? Maybe.

I've used Studio X and Lorna Flowers in Nashville to record most of my tunes. Enjoy a listen.

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Played "Sedan Man" live at the songwriter's show case in Ft Lauderdale in October. All went well. Paul WIlson also played "Unbroken" to a great crowd.
If you are ever in Ft Lauderdale it is the 2nd Monday of the month, and sponsored by Chrystal Hartigan.
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