Got My Red Dress On

Story Behind The Song

I bought a red dress for a wedding I didn't attend. I got the gold shoes to go with like the song says. I like to write, play and sing the blues so a song was born.

Song Description

It's about a woman getting ready, going out, and taking the stage to belt out some blues. Of course she has her red dress on!!!

Song Length 2:19 Genre Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Charming Subject Pride, Stardom
Language English Era 2000 and later


Got my Red Dress On (c) 2021 Joanne Tramonte
Brushed out my hair,
Slipped on silk underwear,
Swung my hips to the beat,
and out out my cray dancing feet.
Cause I got my red dress on and my gold go go shoes.
Now I'm ready to do, some low down country blues. Uh huh
Walked out of the doors
Ready for the night to roar.
Revved up my car,
All the way down to that dirty brass bar. Uh huh
Walked up to the stage, ever so slow.
The slit on my skirt making more of a show.
I picked up the mic and looked at the crowd, and
Belted out my voice ever so loud! Uh Huh
Chorus with red dress lines repeated

Lyrics JOANNE M TRAMONTE Music played by Mark Darker written by Joanne Tramonte
Producer Joanne Tramonte and Mark Darker Publisher JOANNE TRAMONTE
Performance JoanneTramonte and Mark Darker
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