Take two parts Great American Songbook, two parts smooth jazz, one part each pop, folk and blues. Shake well and enjoy! Tongue- in-cheek lyrics and tasty melodies. Marla's unique voice has been compared to that of Rosemary Clooney! Think Michael Franks, Michael Bible, Diana Krall, Bette Midler…

Marla has also recorded sophisticated children's music that spans many genres.  Her song, "Leap of Faith," co-written with Nancy Schimmel, appears on a Grammy-winning alum called, ALL ABOUT BULLIES...BIG AND SMALL.

Latest News

Two of my songs, "Lend a Hand," and "Children of Africa," will be featured on the website of the International Breast Milk Project.

The IBMP is dedicated to delivering mother's milk to children in Africa who are orphaned and would otherwise starve.

These songs will also be featured right here on my homepage as soon as they are complete!
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