Ryan Powers Boyle is an indiefolk musician based in St. Petersburg, Florida. His sound has been described as a combination of Velvet Underground, Bright Eyes, and Arcade Fire, with an added mystical/philosophical undercurrent.

Ryan's self-titled LP will be officially released on July 18, 2010.


Ry'an Pow'ers Boy'le (ri'en pau'erz boi'el) n. 1. A solo musician based in St. Petersburg, Florida. 2. An eclectic blend of indie folk rock, lyrical poetry, and apposite mysticism. 3. A musically philosophical reinterpretation of everyday life.

Stationed at the crossroads of uncanny instrumental prowess and innate lyrical virtuosity, Ryan Powers Boyle's self-titled release achieves rare heights by virtue of distillation through that most inimitable of filters: experience of an uncommon life. The sound is determinedly indie -- intelligent and fearless -- yet garnished with a scattering of world music and Beethoven-esque orchestral arrangements. But it's the lyrics that truly set the record apart, diverging from standard indie fare in its arc from nostalgic reflection to stark confession, to epic narrative, all told with a mystical bent owing more to Gibran and Goethe than Dylan or Oberst.

Early reviews have been incandescent, garnering acclaim from LowHero.DLL's Jonathan Chalker ("... romantic, wistful, sentimental, cautionary, meditative...the whole things plays like a vast epic poem ...") and WMNF Grand National Championships host Alastair St. Hill ("... [it] pulse[s] with life and energy...a richly textured sonic landscape ..."), as well as a selection as a 2010 AlternativeAddiction.com Next Big Thing.

Ryan Powers Boyle is slated for release on July 18.


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Ron Wilson
over 30 days ago to Ryan Powers Boyle

A MATTER OF ILES This reeks of the 70's and that is a great and wonderful thig to do. I do not kow what award you should receive just for this entire production, lyric, poetry, song, creation, but it should be equal to the Acadamy Award or the Nobel Peace lPrize in my opinion. I cannot believe I listened to the whole thing and intend to listen to it again, and SHARE it indeed everywhere I can. I have not enough praise for you in this, and the challange of writing about childbirth is something even I, as an experienced poet, have never attempted. Great work Ryan.

over 30 days ago to Ryan Powers Boyle


Just caught your song "It's All So Beautiful, It's All so Strange". Looking forward to catching the album material.

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Ryan Powers Boyle
over 30 days ago

Thanks ;)

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