I Can See

Song Description

Losing love, truth, and what you believe in, only to find out you never lost them at all.

Song Length 9:58 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, World - African
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love, I had forgotten your taste.
Been so long, your memory erased.
Trapped under fire for so long,
sat waiting for the water you bring.

But now that you've come again,
after so many years,
I remember the fragrance that you wear,
and the willingness that you bring with you.

Your eyes all ablaze,
penetrating through the surface.
Shattering the notions I've made
to get me through this without you.

My friend, why do you desert me?
I bat an eye and you wander away.
My only wish is your presence be worthy,
what will it take for you to stay?

But now you're with me again.
Please sit and stay awhile, my good friend.
Relax now, relax now, be at peace.
Truth's I've never left you, don't you see?

Truth, I had let go of your hand,
tossed away, lying crumpled on damp ground.
Forgotten the need to understand
why to listen for the stillness in your sound.

Life lived and lessons learned,
experience has shown me the value,
the virtue, the necessity of truthful refrain.
Dare I say I know now what not to?

Indeed, the guidance comes now more readily,
and myself, more sure of the voice.
The options once proved overwhelming
now narrowed, and clearer of choice.

Diamond-hard like the lives of our fathers,
whisper-quiet, like the drizzle of rain,
a gentle nudge shuffling into awareness,
without question I move forward again.

But now you're with me again.
Let's reminisce awhile, my good friend.
Relax now, relax now, be at peace.
You're never without me, can't you see?

God, I had forgotten your face,
time spent creeping in and through the shadows.
Mired in dim-lit confusion,
ear bent down toward the pull from below.

But rather than bumble along,
picked a point on horizon to strive.
Now I see that this progress of motion
stirs the wind keeping hope's breath alive.

I seek that which in us is eternal,
laying deep as we stumble along.
Discovering ourselves beings universal.
Wander back to the what we come from.

Worthy are my lips numb from begging.
Restore me...deliver, deliver.
Who is he I cry out to to change me?
What great man has this power but me?

But now you're with me again.
Let's walk awhile, my good friend.
Relaxed now, relaxed now...yes, I am peace.
I was never abandoned, I can see.

Lyrics Ryan Powers Boyle Music Ryan Powers Boyle
Producer Ryan Powers Boyle Label Far and Away Records

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