A Girl and A World

Song Description

Boy meets girl, girl introduces boy to a little of life's mystery.

Song Length 5:22 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Language English
Era 2000 and later


Once went on
a cruise in the Caribbean Sea
with my father.
In the parking lot on the way in,
I saw this girl
with the most beautiful legs I had ever seen.

That night I saw a girl and I said, "Hey,"
and asked her if she'd go for a walk
away from all the noise we went just as friends,
never a thought lent to anything less.

And I never even noticed that she was the same
girl from before,
'til she rolled up her jeans and I saw those legs again.

She lived far away, but we fell in love anyway.
She introduced me to many things, she did.
Thoughts and ideas that paved the way to who I am today.

You asked me
to see things from a more mysterious place
than I was accustomed.
The expression life takes on, when
you must let go
of what you think you know.

The walls all
fall away, replaced by longing here to see what could be.
Explore this
part of life that can lead you to
meet a girl
and discover a world.

And I could not be more grateful to you, my friend,
just for having
had the chance to know you, and be around you.

I hope I can say that without you misunderstanding me,
but you know me too well...well, you did.
Thank you my friend,
thank you for being you.

Lyrics Ryan Powers Boyle Music Ryan Powers Boyle
Producer Ryan Powers Boyle Label Far and Away Records

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