'RIDER' is a project band that records and plays live the songs written by David Thompson
"I am a singer/songwriter and I characterize my music as "A Dysfunctional Adult Contemporary Marriage of the Electric and Acoustic Blues Rock of The Doors and an Analysts Couch". It's my abstract musical obsession reflecting the stories and fantasies of more than 30 years playing, writing and living music. It's What I Do!!!"
With 4 CDs out and all songs written by David, the music features the incredible musical contributions from the cream of Redding and Northern California's studio session players, all of whom are known for work in their own bands and on their own projects.

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'Renegade Radio-XERF History'
If you traveled the southwest in the fifties and early sixties about your only companion at night was the AM radio. There were only two stations that you could receive reliably and one was the legendary 250,000 watt 'Border Blaster' XERF. Much has been written about this station being the fabled starting place for Wolfman Jack. Songs such as 'Heard It On The X' by ZZ Top immortalized the legend, some maybe exaggerated?....., or not, who really knows.

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With 3 CDs out David continues to promote 'Rider' as an opening act for touring major name rock bands playing concerts in northern Calif. We've been honored to open for 'The Motor City Madman' TED NUGENT, and also for REO Speedwagon. The REO show was part of 'Rider's' CD release party for David's third album 'Any Questions?!!' While I have enjoyed performing over the years with a full band it has been over the last 10 years that I have discovered the additional pleasure of performing my songs as a single or duo and the greater intimacy and connection with the audience that it provides. I can actually see eyes and expressions, which makes the performance more enjoyable for me and by extension for the audience. Two of my songs, 'Lookin' For My Baby' and 'Keep My Lovin' Alive' have been played a total of 9 times on 8 episodes of the daytime drama 'All My Children' since July 14th. of '03', the most current being Nov 1st '05' where it was a featured song.



"Out On The Highway, Gonna' Have Me Some Fun...."

In addition to writing all the material on my albums and producing the projects, I also play bass guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar on most of the tracks and sing the lead vocal on about 70% of the songs. I started the first album back in Oct. of 1995 with the bass line for the song "Lookin' For My Baby". Ten months later I had written and recorded a CD of 12 songs from rock to funk to R&B flavored ballads to romantic pop. With themes as diverse as everyday relationships and regrets to science fiction mystery to blues to out on the road, good time rock and roll this album covers a wide range of interests and emotions. The second album, "Ride On", took a bit longer to complete, 16 songs in about 3 1/2 years, but was equally fun to record. Many songs were from personal experience and I wish to thank two beautiful ladies, Jan and Shirley, who have passed in and out of my life several times and left me with the inspiration for many of these songs. Again, there is a wide variety of styles and themes including two country tunes, another science fiction adventure song and a lot of rock and blues. I also threw in some romantic ballads, one funk tune and a song about a pyromaniac, (must have been something I ate before bedtime). My 3rd CD 'Any Questions?!!' was written and recorded with songs that are, again, drawn from real life. As I like to say, 'All you have to do is look around and pay attention. Two of the songs were used in the show we did when we opened for 'The Motor City Madman' Ted Nugent, August 4, 2003. The new CD was released when we opened for REO Speedwagon Sept 18,04, as part of our CD release party.


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