I am a baby boomer with dreams and aspirations of becoming a well known songwriter. I live in close proximaty to New York City and love everything the city has to offer. My musical influences are R&B, Dance, Disco, and Pop music. My record/CD collection ranges with various artists from year 1940 to the current. I constantly read Billboard magazine and tally the music charts week after weeks since 1975. I've written several songs in the genre - country, pop, dance, and rock- and believe in expanding my horizons. My favorite time of the day is at dusk when everything gets quiet and peaceful. I live in a moderately populated city in CT and have written songs both of CT and New York City. So keep listening and watch out for new stuff. So long for now- enjoy the music :)

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Up and coming songwriter seeking publisher in major music market(s). Please give my songs a listen :)

**COME TO ME///PLAYBOY///Hypnotized///U.N.I.T.Y. available @ https://www.masterbeat.com/#release/816152013887
++++BILLBOARD Song Contest WINNER for "COME TO ME" @ www.billboardsongcontest.com

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I am a baby boomer with dreams and aspirations to become a well known songwriter. I live in close proximaty to New York City and love everything the city has to offer. *****Enjoy The Music :) Bill E.B. Good is back with a new and exciting singer Fem Fetale`, she is featured on 4 new songs called Playboy, Hypnotized, U.N.I.T.Y. and last but not least Club song Come To Me. All 4 songs are club dance songs that originate from the songwriting mind of Bill E.B. Good and producer from Mineapolis MN. Bill E.B. Good lives in small city in Connecticut a few miles from the club dance scene hub of NYC. He gets his inspiration from the old school days of clubs like the Palladium and Studio 54. Bill E.B. Good is no stranger to the turntables as he was a DJ in Ct and New York. He's teaming up with a versitile young talent the incomparable Fem Fetale`. Fem Fetale`'s sweet, sultry pipes makes these club songs (anthems) in the club dance scene soon to breaking among the large cities in the US of A. Destined to become club gems as well as Billboard's Dance Club Play Hits on the charts, these new songs give club goer's, whose appetite for trance-dance-hypnotic beats, music to dance to till the wee hours of the morning or dancing till dawn. Synthesized vibes on Hypnotized and U.N.I.T.Y. will make clubers dance at peak hours on the dance floor in any club from coast to coast and other countries as well. Playboy is a torch song about anyone who was wronged but sounds oh so right. Soon to be released is a sweet song with beats called Come To Me. Come To Me is a sort of love song with a trance twist made for the experienced club goer. Bill E.B. good and Fem Fetale` are phenominal together and are sure to keep the beats bouncing till dawn.***** :)

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Big thanks for your feedback and support in regards to a review you left on one of my productions under my drumschool alias.Please feel free to keep in the loop with future drumschool releases via my broadjam profile page.


i enjoyed your review very much. it cut right to the point and didn't pull any punches.

Some times it just is what it is, and in this case, our client hired us to modernize his work with a remix. We had a lot of fun with it, and in the end it just turned into a really fun piece with a lot of modern club punch.

i am ninja... The kind i wanna be:)


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