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We are proud to announce that the new AP Records album Love Control is now available for the download.

The album contains 13 electro-pop songs featuring female vocals, celebrating women and their contribution to music through love and emotion. The songs are performed in English, with one song also being recorded in Spanish.

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AP Records is a highly dynamic music production company, established in 2005.

Our primary focus is development of great multi-genre musical creations and promotion of talented artists across the globe. Our main centres are in Denmark and Australia.

AP Records collaborates with various young artists and professionals around the world, covering various languages, styles and cultures.

AP Records expertise spans across the full music production cycle: starting from song-writing, followed by arrangement/production, artist selection, release and promotion - all tailored to each and every project individually.

The key to our dynamic and cost-effective approach for new artists is made possible through the benefits of electronic communication and information exchange.

Some of our projects include:

- Album "Love Control" with Various Artists (2012)

- Single "Andjeli ljubavi" (Angels of Love), featuring Igor Mitrovic (2009)

- Single "Wait & See", featuring Shila Mariposa (2009).

- Single "Do you love me", featuring Aleksandra and Igor (2008).

- Single "Looking for someone", featuring Zoo Me (festival in Montenegro 2008).

- Album "Breathless", featuring "The Divys " (USA, 2007).

- Single "Mirror", featuring Venera (DK, 2007).

- Single "Calisto Fest", featuring Naja and Zoo Me (DK, 2007).

- Album "Little Crimes", featuring Sue Wilkinson (USA, 2007).

- Single "Intrigue and deception", featuring Zoo Me (DK, 2007).

- Single "Queen of Ice", featuring Zoo Me (DK, 2006).

- Mini-album "Treat me Right" featuring Zoo Me (DK, 2006).

Selected songs from above titles are available for listening and purchase here.

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hello AP Records im back check out new single "Keep it on da low"

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Now you can vote, listen to and even buy the "LOVE CONTROL" electronic-pop songs on iTunes: 1 1

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People say to let go of your past, and your past will let go of you, but it is not that simple. Your past is not anything physical where you could just get rid of it and tear it away. It is not a part of your skin where you could cut it off, it is not a part of your hair where you could just shave it off. Your past is a part you, it breathes with you, it lives with you, it is you.

There are many days and nights when it haunts you, lingers around your every step and breath, but it is a reminder that a part of you will always be a part of you. BUT, it is only one part of you. There are many parts that makes who you are as a person, your past is just one of many. You take that part and you build upon it, you learn from it, but you can't let it go because you need it to be whole, you need it to be you...


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