The True, Red, White And Blue

Song Description

Pride in being an American. Concept song. Fourth of July song. It doesn't matter if your Christian Muslim or Jew were all an American The True Red White And Blue.

Song Length 4:57 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Nonviolent Subject Life, Philosophy
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm An American Through And Through
From The Mountains And The Bayou's
From Any Street Or Any Avenue
From Any College To Any School
To The Deserts, Plains And Great Lakes
And Even To Where The Oceans Break
I'm Proud To Call America My Home
Yes The Land Where The Buffalo's Roam
This Is The Land I'm Most Proud Of
And To Which We Owe Our Allegance And Love
No Matter If You're Christian, Muslum, Or Jew
We Are All One The True, Red, White And Blue

We Wave Our Flag So High And Proud
And Proclaim Our Allegance So Very Loud
We Are All One In Brotherhood
From The Land Where Our ForeFathers Stood
We Come Together One And All
And Proclaim Our Faith Our Mighty Call
We Are Mighty In Numbers And Still Growing
And Our Great Heritage Is Ongoing

We Love Each Other With Deep Devotion
And Our Families Fill Us With Great Emotion
We Are The Young, The Old, And In Between
Give Us Life, Peace And Liberty
We Love Football, Baseball, And All The Sports
We Read The Wall Street Journal And Consumer Reports
We Celebrate Each Holiday With Elation
And Remember July 4th The Birth Of Our Great Nation

Repeat Chorus

We Are One And All Devoted To Each Other
And Are Each Other's Sisters And Brothers
If Anyone Were To Ask Me What I Love The Best
It Is Our God And Our Great Country I Must Confess
We Were All Put Here For A Divine Reason
And We Can Weather Any Storm Or Any Season
We Hold Our Futures In Our Very Hands
Let Us Not Lose Sight Of Why We Have Such A Great Land

To The Men And Women Who Fought For Our Freedom
We Must Remember Them Always And Keep On Singing
They Sacrificed So We Can Have What We Have Today
We Will Always Remember How They Were So Valant And Brave
We Should Never Lose Sight Of What They Mean To Us
And Respect Our Country And Show Each Other Love
This Land Is Our Land And I'm Sure You Won't Argue
We Are All One The True, Red, White And Blue

Repeat Chorus 2 Times And End

Lyrics William Brennan Music William Brennan

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