I Don't Know

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this about a friend going through a divorce.

Song Description

This song describes the period of change that happens in all peoples lives. Divorce, loss of a job, graduating from college or high school etc..

Song Length 4:29 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Worried Subject Breaking Up, Change
Language English Era 2000 and later


by Rusty Newcomer

I don't know where I'm headed
I don't know where I'll stay
Many things I have dreaded
All my time's drifting away

I don't know if it's beginning
I don't know if it's at end
I can't tell who is winning
Don't know truth from pretend

I don't know what is left now
I don't know if I should try
Many things were left uncertain
I don't know the reason why

Really touching piece with very soulful and meaningful lyrics. The singer greatly captures the mood we all experience when we're going through any kind of a change and trying to cope with it, or at least that is what I derive from it. Really nice vocals, and the section starting at the 1:50 mark is quite good and different, and the ensuing bridge is also very effective and unique. Really nice and touching song.

Very electronic sound for rock. Good production on the backing tracks. Serious vibe on this song. I like the melodic sense throughout... all sections are pleasant and well set up. Cool break at 1:50Very interesting rhythm change up we can call a bridge? Very nice listen, there are surprises and always pay-offs here. The production is very good and I can hear the love that went in to the recording process... Great job!! I hope you know that you captured a moment, an emotion, something totally unique and never done exactly like this. A little Bowie mixed with GnR and some classic synth-rock movements late 80's and 90's. Just sayin

Love the overall sound and feel of the piece. the singer has a great voice deep and rich. I really like the way the song moves through its changes. puts me in mind of Pretty Reckless.

I love the music to this piece with the chirping birds in the background. It's a pretty song with a catchy tune.

interesting track, laid back rock/pop i enjoyed it. has a good feel throughout the song and cool vibe with good vocals

Some really interesting stuff going on here. Initially the most striking instrument is what sounds like a distorted and and effected bass, growling away in a legato and slightly menacing manner. The chord sequence and general feel is similar to Culture Club's "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me", and, in fact, there's an 80s feel to the whole track. There are bird tweets. The singer's androgynous voice has lots of character in a fairly skillful - and nicely soulful - way. An electric guitar plays some nice, sweet sounding licks here and there which seem out of keeping with the rest of the track, but, again, there's a generally experimental atmosphere throughout. Several times the very loud, abrasive drum pattern suddenly switches to something jarringly different from what went before. At one point you're not quite sure if it's even in time with the rest of the ensemble. And for a while there's a heavily accented shuffle beat before returning to a straight, slightly reggae-ish feel. This is all very interesting and after a few listens it starts to make sense, but I found it confusing initially. On the other hand, if the intent is to discombobulate the listener (which it may well be)... job done!

I really like what you've done here. Very mellow and melodic. Lyrics show a lot of feeling and is very tasteful.

This is a great moody track.

Great song! Gives me an 80's type vibe!

Lyrics Rusty Newcomer Music Rusty Newcomer
Producer Rusty Newcomer Publisher TimeLoom Publishing
Performance Spark Hartman, Rusty Newcomer
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