Well, this is a temp BIO. I'll do something a bit more pro soon enough. My name is Ellis Lofton but I go by the name E.J. Live! aka Prophet Speaks a.k.a. P.Speaks. Though the Genre I chose to be listed under is Hip-Hop my music is very eclectic in the vein of Knarles Barkley and N.E.R.D.

I am originally from Chicago but currently live in the Boise metro area. I was in ATL for several years and lost a lot of my music and gear to theft. I've recently gotten the funds together to reinvest in some gear and try to pick up where I left off between my 70 hour a week job and my family so if you can, work with me.

I'm a singer/songwriter and produce, record and mix all of my own material. Much of what I have uploaded is totally raw and untouched demo stuff. I'm doing what I can as I can. Hopefully this can help me transition to full-time music quicker so that I can provide for my family and focus on my craft. Hit me up with question, comments and such. One.

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If you're as in the dark as I was, you know nothing about the other performance rights organization SoundExchange. Long story short go to soundexchange.com or check them out on YouTube for more info and get your money right.

Entered the Broadjam "Top 10 Age 15-24 : 0-30 Days Ago" chart today at #3! Wow. If I'm this jacked now wait until it's Billboard! LOL! I have to call my mama now y'all!

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Coming Soon! 1.28.2010

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Shilo Golie
over 30 days ago to E. J. Live!

Lucy is a nice sounding instrumental! good work homie

over 30 days ago to E. J. Live!

ziplok.us ziplokus@gmail.com check out the site and lets network a lot on here. i will be on a lot...Peace Ziplok

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E. J. Live!
over 30 days ago

No doubt. I'll check your joints out soon.

over 30 days ago to E. J. Live!

Ya Kobe, a lot of refs and some hit men to take out Perk, lol

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Clean Clean

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