My name is Robbie Lee: I currently live in the Greater Chicago area. I am a blind singer/songwriter and hold a B.A. degree in music from Columbia College Chicago. When sighted on the streets of Chicago, I am often asked: Are you Stevy Wonder? and may I have your autograph? Mind you, I didn't know this until so many people kept referring to me as Stevy. Well, after twenty-years: I am thoroughly convinced that he and I bare a striking resemblance. I even get work as a celebrity look-alike because of it. Now the famous question is when I tell them that I am not Stevy Wonder: Is "Are you sure you're not Stevy Wonder?"


Hi everybody! I am now in production on my upcoming CD due for release this Fall. You can checkout the first of the new material from this CD which is now available for download.

Comming This Fall

New CD due to be released this Fall. Checkout No One Night Stand Man: the first of my new pieces.


Robert L. Hall
5250 N. Sheridan Road #415
Chicago, Il 60640
Phone (773) 506-0443
Summary of Qualifications
Thirty-six years vocal performer, six years formal training
Twenty-nine years keyboards
thirty-four years songwriter
twenty-two years producing, arranging and digital music programming
fifteen-year technical skills, with Cakewalk music software
Performer, Singer/Songwriter, Celebrity Look-alike
1981-Present Performances and Special Events,
Friedman Place, Home for the Blind
Michael Jordan's One Sixty Blue Restaurant
Beverley Woods Restaurant
New Regal Theater
East of the Ryan
Cotton Club
Wild Hare
Park West
Blind Services Association
The United Center
BA General Music Studies, Vocal Concentration, 1997, Columbia College, Chicago
Certification in Computer Applications, 1992, Chicago Light House for the Blind
Classes in Vocal Music, Harmony, Ear training, Music Theory, 1997, NIU and
South Suburban College, 1976, South Holland, IL
References available upon request.


He was born Robert Lee Hall, the fourth child of Willie and Ruby Hall, on October 7, 1955 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Five years later, because of social and economic pressures, Robert's mother moved the family To Robbins, a suburb of Chicago.
At an early age Robert attended a Baptist church where he developed His interest in singing and performing.
At age ten, he began to lose his sight from retina detachment.
Through his elementary and high school years Robert immersed himself in the world of music, singing In the church choir and studying piano.
He spent several years attending Northern Illinois University,
Continuing his training in classical piano and voice.
In the years that followed, Robert expanded his skills
On his own, moving into the areas of composition and musical arranging.
He performed as both a celebrity Impersonator, and as his own solo act, in well known venues such as the Cotton Club, the New Regal Theater, the Horseshoe Casino and Chicago's Park West.
In the late 80s he spent much of his time at Universal Recording Studios with artists like blues singer Tyrone Davis and the R & B group The Manhattans, learning from the pros in the industry. Between 1990- 1997, Robert primarily focused on his writing, producing and developing his digital programming skills while Attending Columbia College. A diverse composition style emerged, rooted in the rhythm and blues Tradition, and influenced by gospel, jazz and classical forms.
While he is proficient at the keyboard, it is Robert's work as a singer/songwriter
that gets him notice.
His upcoming CD, (Music Hibernation) A collection of original songs, is due for release this fall, and will be sold over the Internet and at selected venues to be announced.
Robert Hall
5250 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, IL 60640


Lyrics Song 5 "Just My Way"

"Just My Way Of Livin"
Robert L. Hall

Verse 1
Music is a special interest of minds,
Oh it helps me, oh it helps me to unwind,
See it's the way it makes me feel,
and it's just my way of livin.
Verse 2
Without music I couldn't make it through the days, nall nall,
See when the music starts to flow,
I have to get up on that floor,
I just lose my self, my self control,
See it's the way it makes me feel,
And it's just my way of livin.
Verse 3
(repeat of verse 1)
Verse 4
(repeat of verse 2)
Verse 5
Listen to the music?
Now start groovin to the beat,
Listen to the music,
And get up on your feet,
Now just start dancin, dancin, dancin, dancin to the beat
Verse 6
Sometimes I get so tired of livin the same old way,
But with music, a major change.
Sometimes I get so tired of singin? the same old way,
But with music, well now it ain't the same.
?Cause it's just, oh's just,
It's just, oh's just,
It's just, oh's just my way of livin,
Do you wonnah dance to the beat of the band?
I've gotta dance, To the beat of the band.
Do you wonna sing, while you do your thing,
I?ve gotta sing, while I do my thing.

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Double Trouble
over 30 days ago to Robbie Lee

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your review of our song "Just Me And Myself". We appreciate the nice rods.

Due to very serious health issues, we've been away from the site for over 5 months. That is the reason for our late reply. Please know we appreciate the review and kind words you left for us.

Good luck with your music,

Alan & Di (aka Double Trouble)

over 30 days ago to Robbie Lee

Robert Lee, Thank you for the review, KICKED TO THE CURB" is the title. I'm in the process of writing the lyrics. story is, he has been coming home late from work. wife thinks he cheating=kicks him to the curb= truth is he is working extra so he can give the family a better Christmas! TT

tony cerniglia
over 30 days ago to Robbie Lee

Robert, I like your music, you have a great voice.

Thanks for the comment on Ball & Chain. I updated the track tonight with horn parts and more instrumentation. Check it out. Let me know if it improves the track or hinders it.

1 Replies
Robbie Lee
over 30 days ago

Thank you thesoulpainter for your compliment and I will checkout your updated track.

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