Songwriter looking for publishing deal and representation. 

Attended Fordham University in NYC and majored in English and Communications. Wrote film reviews for the college newspaper. While attending college, I did an internship at Penthouse magazine in their editorial department, helping edit and research articles, some of famous musicians that included some of their songwriting processes (I was also responsible for opening incoming mail - yikes!). 

I am a self taught musician, teaching myself late, in my late teens. I sang other groups and artists songs for a while and Irish traditional music (being of Irish descent) but soon grew tired of it. So, I wrote my first song in 2001. "Can't Wait" (that original recording from 2000 is listed om my home page).  I started really writing steadily in 2007. I wrote about 50 songs during the period. I write Country, Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Singer Songwriter, Alternative, Jazz, Instrumental, children's songs.

Latest News

My song "Other Sky" was picked for an opportunity to be placed in a commercial but the deal fell through. The music publisher has said they like the song enough to shop it around to other advertisers and other opportunities.  They have also reviewed my other songs and want to shop those around as well. My song, "Lazy Moon" is under consideration to be placed in an upcoming Indie Movie.

My song " Could this be Home?" is under consideration for use by an ad agency. A few of my songs where under consideration for a few different opportunities but were not selected in the end.

My song" My Kind of Loser " was picked to be in a Podcast called "Women of Substance" which will air sometime In March to 10,000 listeners and 60,000 social networking hits. "My Kind of Loser" is also on 2 Top Ten lists on Broadjam currently ( County Top-Ten and Production Top-Ten.  And my song " Other Sky" is on the alternative/ pop Top -Ten



songwriter looking for publishing deal

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You're awesome

over 30 days ago to Neil Fergus

Hi Neil, I saw your ad in the Market Place...Would you ever consider a 50/50 collaboration..... I build radio ready song beds for an Artist to Top Line....I have over 600 tracks on Broadjam... Check out my page. SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS Good music sells period..... if its not good = no $$$$$

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Neil Fergus
over 30 days ago

Yes, I woul defintely consider it...that why I put it out there on th emarlet place for that specidic reason.

I gte great feedback from my songs (from Taxi and from Broadjam but they are definitely sticking to the fact that they are not "Broadcast quality" and most of what is offered for opportunities are "broadcast quality" I would much rather have 50 % of something than 100 of nothing. It's just me and a guitar and I don't have the best voice I will admit so I'm not show casing the song and the lyrics etc. as well as I could.

The tracks that I did get a pro demo for sold ("My Kind of Loser" sold those one 3 times and "The Witching Hour"). I have 3 or 4 more that are "broadcast quality," but mostly they are "stripped down demos.

So I got the tunes (!!!) , I just need the demos and I don't have the money from the other songs sold yet to get them done right. I think if you listen to my tunes I think you'll agree if you take a listen (Maybe you already have)

I have a lot of country tunes that need good demos

Burning Bridges
Fall Apart at the Seems
What I Really Need
Could This be Home?
See You in Savannah

Pop songs that need a Pop, rhythm and demo

Party of One
I'm not Perfect
Answered Prayer
Lazy Moon
Other Sky
Time Machine
X Marks the Spot
Fountain of Youth
Take it alletc.

Rock, jazz/ R&B, Christmas song, Childre's song, Parody/ Funny songs. I have a lot of different ones.

So let me know what you think. I've heard the tunes and demos on your page, and I think it would be a good fit. Do you have a singer who can do it? Can you do it...?

Thanks buddy,
Neil Fergus
cell 347-515-1585

over 30 days ago

Hi Neil, yes I can do it and we're having this conversation because I heard your voice. It's honest and you can't buy that. If you would call, it would be much better Thanks, Marvin
503 810 7384

Neil Fergus
over 30 days ago

Ill give you a call later today

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Neil Fergus

Hi, Neil. Thank you for your enjoyment of my songs! I have listened to several of yours. "My Kind of Loser" has a classic country theme, terrific melody and colorful imagery. Many of your other songs are in the raw. So were mine, except you play guitar and sing better than I do. Did you go to a studio for "My Kind of Loser"? Not easy being on a budget but I have found ways! Also liked "Time Machine." Poignant, painful, and sympathetic. You tell stories that need to be told and you do that well.

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Neil Fergus
over 30 days ago

Tnanks for the compliment Johm.. Im actually blushing? Did you have ant feedback on my other query? That is, being a prodcucer as well do you have any contact that in th music publing world, a muis producer or directly to an artist thems elves who would be in need of a dyed in the woll, bona fide HIT song that fell right into their laps?

If you do have thos e conatcts , and you may and you may not, th's why I. asking, We could work out some form fo cash agreemnet, legally -bing and with oversight ny BMI, whose sole duty is to make sure composrs of songs ( and I would register whatever sog we wher trying to sell with you as half of the composing team, so BMI is offically having to look for you up -front payments and any continuing royalty streams, thats whatthe y do.

So we;d have a contract,,ther ewould be on risk. Im think a we draw up an agreemnt for a 70/30 split which is ibdustry standard, I do believe.

Let me know whay you think Its a small, samll risk, for a very , vert possible profit. And agian, thas just an emormous prifit on ONE song, let alone hoe much you could make if your contact lired 10 or 20 o fmy 55 listed (and believe me, if you listen to one;s I wrote to yo inmy post, they will!!
Later neil Fergus
cell :347-1585

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