Hi my name is Anthony Johnson, My songwriter's name is toxyj.I love writing songs, all kind of songs in different genre, even though I come from an R & B background. I would say that my strongest skills in song writing is my ability to write good lyrics.I consider myself a Master Lyricist.

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The latest news that I'm happy to share is that I have two submissions that have been selected by a Music Supervisor for use in 2020.

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Anthony Johnson is native of Philadelphia. He was in his
early teens, when he discovered he had a gift for writing.
Poetry and short stories was his passion. Later on it was his love for music that enabled him to combined them all to create a writing style that can be universally appealing to most musical genres. Anthony has written many songs about many things. His catalog is stocked with, In and Out of the Box creations, that talk about life, and that covers a whole lot.
This is his first serious attempt to share his songs with the world, and this is just the beginning. Continue to follow his musical journey as Toxyj songwriter, and fall back in love with the art of songwriting. ????????????????????


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Kathyjo Varco
over 30 days ago to Toxyj

Thank you Toxyj. I really appreciate your appreciation!!! Sending love and good vibes. kathyjo

Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat
over 30 days ago to Toxyj

I forgot where I saw your comment but it had to do with one of my favorite themes--"Never Give Up On Your Dreams"! Thank You! Catnip

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over 30 days ago

I want to share the latest news concerning my song "IT's LATE". the song was selected to be feathered in the following TV shows
Shows that were serviced:

"Total Divas" - E!TV Network

"Total Bellas" - E!TV Network

"Miz and Mrs" - USA Network

"Family Or Fiance" - Own Network

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" - E!TV Network/Comcast

"The Challenge" - MTV Network

"Bill Nye Saves The World" Netflix

I want to thank Broadjam and my Broadjam Family

over 30 days ago to Toxyj

Hey Toxyj - I'm in Top 100 contest and heard your song, thought it was "she didn't dance" but through search I found "That's what she told me." This is actually a really fun, good song. And I say this as a guy who hates his own voice - if you could get a really strong singer to sing it, I think you'd find success this song deserves. if that's you singing, you're good, but I think a great singer would really put it across. Just friendly advice! Gonna get my vote in the group I'm reviewing. Keep it up! CW

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