Though our music can not possibly appeal to everyone, we are proud that every one of our songs is founded on a unique and substantive idea, the lyrics are intelligent and finely crafted, and every song will either make you pause and think, or evoke an emotion.

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The New Music Atlanta Review says:
"The music of MAGYAR is a refreshing alternative to Country music, yet it appeals to the Country fan. It features a lead guitar remeniscent of Betts, Vaughan, and Clapton, a killer sax a la Clemmons of E-Street, the upfront vocal performances we get from Buffet, Joel, and Jackson, songs rich with important and relevant ideas, and the craft we expect from professional songwriters."

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We don't sound like anyone else. We believe our style is best described as: Alternative Country Pop--Rock.

We target the New Country audience, yet we aim to give them something new. We believe in substance over flash and profound ideas over formula. We specialize in important Ballads and sexy up-tunes.


Not so much astists as great songwriting -- In specific, songs that are founded on one important idea, that are intelligently written, and that either cause the listener to laugh, pause and think, or


Author of "There and Back Again" -- the story of the Hobbit told through song. This folk/rock opera is fully orchestrated and performed by a 16 piece ensemble.

Author of "It's Not About Love" -- a full length contemporary musical drama that reveals the secret to success in romance and the formula for success in marriage. INAL is licensed by the "Foundation to Empower Marriage" and is available 24/7 on their website

Author of commercial jingles for Coke, Pepsi, SouthTrust Bank, Civic Theaters, Dove, Purina, and more.

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Carol Ann Jones
over 30 days ago to MAGYAR

Thank you so much for your thorough review of my song "The Cloud." I wrote the song about a couple's struggle with depression. I so appreciate your ideas for making the song more marketable. This one, I will leave as is, because of the personal reasons for each word, but I will certainly use your feedback for future songs. I wish you continued success, and thanks again! Many great ideas here :) - Carol

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