Right is Right, Left is Wrong

Song Description

A pro-America song that defines why the Right is right and the Left is wrong.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Country - Alternative, Unique - Patriotic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Pleasant Subject Patriotic, Conservative
Similar Artists Jimmy Buffett, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later



Words and Music by Don Magyar
© 2004, Back On Top Music (BMI)

A pro-America song that defines why the Right is right and the Left is wrong.

Verse 1
Everyone has a right to their opinion.
Different points of view keep us strong.
Some lean left, others right, but there?s a simple truth.
Only one view can be right; the other is wrong.

Verse 2
Many superpowers have come before us.
One by one they failed and so will we.
The Right fights for the formula that got us here.
The Left loves Europe?s failed policies.

Lift 1
The enemy struck first and brought our towers down.
Still the Left is singing, ?Give peace a chance?.
Their words sound to me just like the enemy.
Are we the home of the brave, or are we like France?

Verse 3
The Lefties say that half the world hates us.
We must not pander though the Liberals would.
Like the NY Yankees; you either love or hate them.
Those who hate the Yankees do ?cause they?re so damn good.

Lift 2
Who else will spread democracy throughout this troubled world?
Who else will shed their blood to right the wrongs?
Who else will share their wealth, with strangers who need help?
It?s time we stand for America. Let?s fight back with this song.

Come on 21st Century Minutemen. Let?s raise arms.

Right is right. Left is wrong.
As we vote, let?s sing this song.
United we will keep America strong.
The Left is standing at the gate.
Talking peace but full of hate
They?re quick to say America is wrong.

God bless America. Keep us save and strong.
Give us the wisdom to know right from wrong.
Everything we need to know is right here in this song.
Right is right, and Left is wrong.

Right is right, and Left is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
Right is right, and Left is wrong.
Right is right, and Left is wrong.

Lyrics Don Magyar Music Don Magyar
Producer Don Magyar Publisher Back On Top Music (BMI)
Performance MAGYAR Label Capitol Records Nashville
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