I've been fortunate enough to do a lot of things in my career over some thirty five years. I've done a ton of studio work as a composer, arranger, singer and instrumentalist. I've had a couple of songs chart when I was with A.S.I. Records (as a songwriter) back in the late 70's. I've done industrial scores, A.V. tracks, hundreds of jingles. I still write and record jingles through my business, New Prairie Music.
I'm taking some time off from playing live gigs. Out here in the sticks, the gigs are not that plentiful anyhow. I'll fire it up again sometime in the near future because that's just part of me. In the meantime I'll be a husband, a dad and start working a little harder on a new found passion- sketching. Give a listen if you can and enjoy the rest of your journey. The best to you all. BB/NPM.

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Hello! Thanks for checking in. The Mankato Symphony Orchestra played "Final March of the Czar" incredibly well. With one rehearsal I couldn't be more pleased. I look forward to working with MSO again soon and hopefully often. Although I'm finally beginning to record the CD I said I would, I'm finding myself musically drawn to composing for concert band and orchestra. Some of my Antonin Dvorak bloodline is taking over my creative juice flow. Have wonderful experiences! BB.


I've played countless gigs, worked in-house and out as a studio- musician,composer/arranger and vocalist, wondered sometimes "what the hell am I doing here". I have never ever thought though for even a second about giving this dream, really my only dream up for a minute. I certainly hope you all can relate. Music is and will always be my deepest and most profound passion. BB/NPM.

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I sent you a comment then posted it to myself, this is pitiful. I'm so computer lacking. Anyway, thank you for your lovely comments, and I just listened to four of your songs - they're wonderful! and the diversity is amazing. Best, Dulcie

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Thanks very much! And I can more than relate as I am not the most computer-savvy dude you'll come to know. Anyway, hope you're looking ahead to the new year already. Bye for now. BB/NPM.

'Final March of the Czar" was performed by The Mankato Symphony Orchestra back on June 25th at a somewhat impromptu fundraiser concert. The piece was played quite well, dispite the fact that the first time they saw the piece was the same day of the performance. A true credit to the musicians incredibly honed reading skills. I've begun my next concert-band piece entitled "Dreams". I plan to adapt this piece as well for orchestra. I hope your listening Kenneth Freed! Bye for now. -Bruce.

This saturday, June 25th at Riverfront Park in Mankato, MN., The Mankato Symphony Orchestra, during their concert will be performing an original score of mine "Final March of the Czar". I will dedicate this piece to my grandmother who escaped Russian tyrrany and soldiers after watching her family and her home be destroyed. She then fled the Hungarian and Yugoslavian counrtysides to become a stowaway in a ship on the Adriatic Sea to her new home...............The U.S. Please come if you can. Thank you!!

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Great Story!

Thanks very much, Rich! BB/NPM

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