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Broadjam Music Licensing Success Stories

To date, over 16,000 songs have been selected by Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity Providers (546 in the last 90 days)! Songs have been placed with the Discovery Network, NFL, NBA, MTV, WE TV and many more.


  • Nevada Smith's track, "Battlesiege" was placed with Ozzy and Jack's World Detour. through a Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity.

  • Isaac Williams was featured on MTV's "10 On Top" through a library placement that he received from Broadjam.

  • Adrian Sood's song, "Leaf" was featured in A Family Divided on the Hallmark Channel through a Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity.

  • Susan Odella's song, "Free" was placed in the TV ONE show "We're The Campbells" through a Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity.

  • Jason Bennett's song, "A New Start" was featured in a Rolex ad for Ermitage Jewelers through a Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity.

  • Keith Burgess' song "Keep on Jumpin" was used in the MTV show, Parental Control.

  • Greg Anderson's track, "Mood Lavender" was featured as a cue on E!'s reality show, Escape Club through a Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunity.

  • Ken Barken's song, "What" was selected through a Broadjam music licensing opportunity and used in Spike TV's show, Jail.


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