Composer of melodic instrumental music in a wide range of genres. Currently leaning more towards New Age and World music. I've also composed Latin, Jazz and Classical music among other genres, and quite often colour my tracks with influences from different genres.

My composition "Affinity" achieved Best Composition in the UK, in the 2006 Music Aid Awards. This track is now called "Dance of the Mountain Tribe" and can be found in my Song listing here.

Two of my compositions reached the Semi-Finals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2012 (Instrumental Category):- "Aegean Affair", and "Temple of the Sun". The latter track was a borderline finalist. Also, my track "Mountain Ascent" was awarded a Commended Entry status. You can hear all three tracks here.

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July 2015:
Uploaded a new instrumental track called "Helping Hand", which has a Classical & Celtic influence. If you enjoy uplifting melodies and relaxing arrangements, please have a listen in the player opposite.


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Tanya Rizkala
over 30 days ago to Andy J King

Thank you Andy for your kind review of "Arabian Nights"! It's an old demo..Am glad you liked it :) Congrats on "Elixir" making it on the Middle Eastern Top 10!! Awesome!! Cheers!

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Andy J King

Hey Andy,

Thanks for the kind review of the solo, instrumental version of my song, "The Spirits Of Christmas". It is the backing track to the song with lyrics.....which you can hear at my site at Broadjam.

Happy Holidays!


DeDe WedeKind
over 30 days ago to Andy J King

Hi Andy, I took a listen to several of your tunes, and I love how you make a lot of world music and infuse it with a smooth jazz or sort of a relaxing feel. DeDe :)

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Andy J King
over 30 days ago

Many thanks for the 5-star rating/ playlist additions. That's interesting what you say about my music - I think that's because I listen to some diverse kinds of music in my spare time, such as Middle Eastern, Classical, Latin, Jazz and Celtic! I never know how my productions are going to sound by the end, because I usually tend to bring one or more of these influences into my productions. Hopefully, this way I end up with an original or unique sounding track.

I've listened to some more of your tracks, I especially like "Blame it on the Summertime", a really nice song!

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