Angie La Duke hails from Chicago but she grew up in Southern California. She has become more of an "entertainer" since 2000, however she sang with many bands since 1973. She has been influenced by many great female singers such as Patsy Cline, Connie Francis, and Natalie Cole. Angie released her CD with thirteen original songs in c1999. Angie sings Jazz, but she also has a great country western style as well. Maybe because she sang in a Country Trio from 1993 to 1999.  Angie has been selling her songs and performing the songs in her "Angie La Duke and Friends Show" at local venues since 2001.

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Sadly, I lost my partner and soul mate Gabe La Rosa on New Year's Eve 2021.
Gabe was always promoting me and my CD of 13 songs.  He even rearranged some of the songs to make them
more effective for the jazz genres. He tweaked a few songs with totally different feel then those that were very well produced in the studio.   
Gabe promoted me to Nashville many times and I did go to Nashville in the 1990's with a trio I was working with at the time.  I do like the old-time country songs and Patsy Cline songs are almost always expected from me at the gigs.

I know Gabe would want me to "carry on" and finally settle down and get the CD exposed like it should have been by creating film submissions and many other opportunities that Broadjam offers. 

I will miss Gabe dearly but, again, I know he supports original songs. He even has a few of them that he wrote in 1980's.


Angie La Duke Singer /Songwriter

Angie La Duke is a talented singer songwriter. Angie hails from Chicago, but she "honed" her versatile vocal talent in Southern California. She has been entertaining with bands since she was a teenager and she eagerly continued to sing with country trios, jazz groups, and 17-25 piece big bands.
Angie has spent several years in recording sessions that include recording her CD "There Once Was Love" c 1999, recording other songwriters material, and live recordings with the various groups she worked with.
Angie is more of an entertainer, meaning she knows how to read the audience. Her versatile voice gives her the edge to truly "wow" any age group whether she performs at a local festival or a corporate function.

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