Singer/songwriter Angela Moss boasts roots in the Southeast, a love for the Northwest, and a passion for music. Her "smoothie-girl" vocal styles reflect a Sarah MacLachlan/Norah Jones/Carole King influence. Themes of Life and Love are woven through her lyrics and her piano style is reflective and relaxing. Her music stirs the soul and speaks to the heart.
Angela frequently performs in quiet settings solo, but also travels with bandmembers under the name "Ash River". Recent venues have included Benefits and FundRaisers, Fairground Concerts, and Restaurants like the Beef O'Brady's chain in Georgia and Catino's in Loudon, Tennesse. She has performed at the Charlotte International Airport.
Frequent engagements in coffeeshops around the South include: Master's Loft, Charlotte, North Carolina, Higher Grounds, Boone, North Carolina, and the European Bakery, C.T. Grinders, and Steamers in Georgia.
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Georgia born, singer/songwriter Angela Moss has a passion for beautiful music and a "word fitly spoken".

"It began with a gift. But, it really started before that in the lives that were lived, and things that were loved by those who came before me... an inheritance,
though not of the colossal kind that causes kings to reign, or catapults starlets into stardom...
Simple life. Simple pleasures. Simple love. The solidity of family love. Nursery rhymes, the 23rd Psalm. Poems my Grandmother recited, the "things" my Momma used to say that her Momma said. My Father reading books... his Father reading books. Words. Music.
I'm amazed by anyone who can articulate their emotion, or conversate with eloquence", says Angela,
"to weave that into a melody line that heralds life in all it's colors, and then, embellish it with an assortment of instrumentation... now that's a gift that has the attention of my heart!"

Angela frequently solos in restaurants, churches, and coffee houses playing Sara MacLachlan/Norah Jones "smoothie-girl" type music . Musical influences include: Nat King Cole, Chopin, Hymns, James Taylor, Carole King, U2, Amos Lee, Tracy Chapman, and George Winston ...
Angela counts it a true blessing to have the privilege of drawing inspiration for her songwriting from being the mother of two beautiful young girls. "I know God loves me when I look at them... I stay amazed at life when I see it through their eyes." she states.
"Life is full of scenarios and relationships that are perfect platforms from which to launch a song or thought... the Creator's love for His Created, romantic love, parental love, true friendship, heartache, tragedy.... all can be turned into a tool to minister to someone, or affect someone in positive ways using music. Life is a gift that no one should take for granted. We should aspire to live in such a way as to make a great mark on the world for the betterment of all people. I like to think that I can do this with my music."
Angela also performs with best friend and husband, Charles Moss, who shares her love for music of all genres. "There isn't a greater joy than to marry your friend. There's no one else I'd rather make music with than Charles, he's my heart, my love," she says, "this is one of the highlights of my life."
Charles and Angela are accompanied by her father, Bob Sullivan, an International Flight Captain for U.S. Airways who solos abroad with his guitar in the pubs of Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, and Portugal during his lay-overs.
"I believe teamwork and camraderie are such an integral part of making good music. It's a reflection of relationship based on love and respect for the individuality of our personalities and musical backgrounds...making music with my father and husband is wonderful! This mix just works. I feel so blessed!" She says with a smile. "I love it! Life is sweet!"
Angela says of her songwriting:
"I am a little bit of those who came before me. I love the things they loved. I march to the rhythms of the lives they lived that now, live on through me. I sing the song in my heart that they sung before me,
in step with the love of present company, I march forward...a little melody in a long line of Love, the prelude to a tune my children will carry. And their children, long after my refrain, will still be singing.
It may not be stardom, or kingly reign, it was never about that, but it will be music. Beautiful music."

Look for Angela and her friends playing under the name "Ash River" in local restaurants around the Southeast, and in the near future, the pubs and cafes of Western Europe.


Unless I'm mistaken I haven't seen you here in a while. Good to have you back. Always loved your music ðŸ'‚

Unless I'm mistaken I haven't seen you here in a while. Good to have you back. Always loved your music ðŸ'‚

over 30 days ago to Angela Moss

Ain't The Journey Sweet---WOW!--really nice song--i gave it 5 stars--thanxs--joe.

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