Im a singer -songwriter who loves songs with a strong chorus and a tight arrangement. I love mixing piano with acoustic and electric guitar on my tracks. I write, perform and produce all my material. I try to make a memorable hook. Many people tell me my songs should be movie themes because of the melody lines. I just want to finish in life what I started at an early age and that is being inspired by my music and inspiring others,I just want as many people as possible to connect to one of my songs. Remember, today is all we have, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow may never come!

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i just finished a new tune called rescue me tonight,,, i really think its a great mid tempo tune... i think its my best work to date.. i hope u all like it... Im still plugging away trying to get a song placed... hopefully this latest tune has a good shot... there so many talented people all this web site i hope some of us make it big... good luck all


Originally from bellmawr nj, I have lived here all my life. Iam 35 years of age.

PERFORMING--As a performer, I have worked in many styles of music . Over the decades I have performed mostly on the east coast, but have performed a few gigs in L.A.
Mainly a vocalist, guitarist song writter, I have been performing professionally since the late 1980's. I presently play in local clubs and small venues.

DIRECTIONS--My main focus is in pop-rock , kind of a Keith Urban meets Bon Jovi. I continue to write and record as many song as I can and writting the memorable hooks that I'm known for. My goal is to have songs placed with reputable artists and or sighned as a artist.

RECORDING--I presently have a home studio that allows me the freedom to write and record as much as I can. I pride myself in my mixes and getting the most out of what I have, ( which is just a tascam 8track, and a ensoniq keyboard sequencer) I perform all the music myself which includes bass, drums, keyboards, guitar and singing.

I want to be memorable.. I want people to say that they can't get my songs out of there heads. I also want to inspire and be inspired. YESTERDAY IS A MEMORY , TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME ,SO LIVE FOR TODAY!!!

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