Music that covers anything from chill electronic house vibes, to smooth contemporary groovy instrumental jazzy beats, all blended with a taste of swedish melancholy and sweet melodic hamonies.

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Hi Anders, Thanks for the fair review of "Bring It Hot". You were right on, the vocals were buried because I couldn't get a real singer to do the song how I felt it so I had to sing it myself, and I think it's obvious that I'm no professional singer. Thanks again mate... Dave - CenterPeace

DiD Records
over 30 days ago to Helming's musik

Hi Anders,
Thanks a million for your review on our song, "I'll Never Break Your Heart". It's really interesting to see the very same song with 2/5 for quality of lyrics, Quality of the hook and vocal pitch was given 5/5 market potential! Wow! But then God bless!

Arnoux Desir
over 30 days ago to Helming's musik

Thank you Anders,for the review of "Sunset Jam "wish you well.

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