Like actors in a Green Room, we are all waiting for something?Green Room?the newest release from international singer-songwriter Marianne Kesler (2004) ~ beautiful, relevant lyrics wrapped up in artful acoustic-driven pop/rock. ?As a lyricist, she has mastered the writer?s maxim to ?Show ? don?t tell.? Her poet?s sense of beautiful economy influences her instrumentatation as well? acoustic, based on lyrical guitar work? Keyboards, drums, and electric guitars used sparingly, like a whisper or gentle nudge. The result is a style that is comfortably intimate and personal?? Marti Kramer Suddarth ~ True Tunes

Free Fall
Pop - Rock
Plays: 8
Hard To Breathe
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 40
Times Like These
Rock - Modern
Plays: 13
Pop - Rock
Plays: 51
So Beautiful
Pop - General
Plays: 364
Tinman (Carry On)
Pop - General
Plays: 80
Green Room
Pop - Rock
Plays: 15
With You
Pop - General
Plays: 23
Pop - Rock
Plays: 7
Your Eyes
Pop - General
Plays: 38
Pop - Rock
Plays: 10
Everything But This
Pop - Rock
Plays: 5
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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