Free Fall

Song Description

This song is has light-hearted feel & groove despite the lyric taking a look at the stresses in life. The chorus expresses the desire to free fall into the center of God's will in contrast.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Life, Will
Language English Era 2000 and later


Free Fall

Sometimes I wonder
Why I?m feeling six feet under
Buried far below such shifting sand
Thoughts that I?m concealing
Have a way that keeps revealing
I?ve lost control and life is out of hand

Sometimes I squander
My tenacity to wander
Through the forest never noticing the trees
Despite my best intentions
Or the wheels of reinvention
I still tend to do exactly as I please

I want to free fall into the center of your will
And lie there until the spinning sky stands still
(And lie there until my racing heart grows still)
And finally find myself again.

Often I begin
To sense this longing deep within
And to dream of things that I have yet to find
Effects of this intrusion
Only add to my confusion
And the growing apprehension in my mind

Often I collide
With the self where I reside
As the everyday begins to take its toll
I have a hidden hunger
For the lightening and the thunder
To relieve this rising pressure in my soul

ã 2004 Cool Spirit Publishing

Lyrics Marianne Kesler Music Marianne Kesler & J. Benjamin Kesler
Producer J. Benjamin Kesler Publisher Cool Spirit Publishing
Performance Marianne Kesler Label Indie
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