Your Eyes

Song Description

This song is a girl's ode to a would-be lover's eyes...and the romanticized idea expressed that she could drown beneath them, despite her friends' warning that this will never work.

Song Length 3:29 Genre Pop - General, Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Enchanting, Ecstatic
Subject Falling in Love, Attracted, Crush Language English
Era 2000 and later


Your Eyes

Sinking deeper, while the waves crest steeper
You know?I might be drowning.
Going under with my heart asunder
This time?it could be love.

And a girl could drown beneath your eyes,
Where amber waves come by surprise,
Are they green or are they grey?
Blue when I?m away?too long?

Ebb tide flowing through the under towing
You know?I might be drowning.
Sinking slowly, but not feigning holy
This time?it could be love.

Lost at sea & searching for a way to sink or swim
Ride this tidal wave until the twilight starts to dim
While friends all say? chances are so very slim.

Lightening flashing with the thunder crashing
You know?I might be drowning.
Waters rushing like a flash flood crushing
This time?it could be love.

Lyrics Marianne Kesler Music Marianne Kesler & J. Benjamin Kesler
Producer J. Benjamin Kesler Publisher Cool Spirit Publishing
Performance Marianne Kesler Label Indie
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