Tinman (Carry On)

Song Description

The title is taken from the wizard of Oz (the tinman did not have a heart). It is meant to be an encouragement and personal prayer for the strength to keep heart during the tough times.

Song Length 2:19 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Composed
Subject Courage, Determination Language English
Era 2000 and later



Got to keep rolling.
Got to keep moving.
Got to keep growing.

Though I cannot buy all I?ve been sold
(Believe the half of all I'm told)
I must carry on ...
I must carry on ...

When I'm standing
at the threshold
Of the doorway to the dawn,
When no one else is listening
Or even (ever) hears my song,
May I have the grace
and courage
To bring my heart along ... and carry on.

Got to keep turning.
Got to keep dealing.
Got to keep learning.

Though I can't deny
I've lost my way
(Believed a lie,
or gone astray)
I must carry on ...
I must carry on ...

c 2004 Cool Spirit Publishing

Lyrics Marianne Kesler Music Marianne Kesler & J. Benjamin Kesler
Producer J. Benjamin Kesler Publisher Cool Spirit Publishing
Performance Marianne Kesler Label Indie
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