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Code Red (Airtight Assembly) by Jab is an album that maybe could only come from the mind of someone based in Washington, DC. As the title may suggest, Code Red is an album which explores the fears and concerns of war in all of its manifestations. This album should be in every collection.

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honeychile is a truly gifted artist who seeks to uplift and inspire with her unique musical style. Her smooth melodic voice invites you to go on a faith filled journey. Her lyrics define her spiritually in a contemporary and approachable way.
On her debut album,” Balance” she has put together a diverse collection of songs utilizing a mix of digital and live instrumentation. Songs like “Resurrection” and “Listen” are destined to redefine the Contemporary Christian genre.
She will tell you that she has been inspired by many Contemporary Christian, as well as R&B, popular music, and even blues artists, but her most lasting and greatest inspiration comes from her deep and abiding faith in the Creator.

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