Jazz, blues, rock and roll, pychadelia, fusion you name it. Influenced by sounds clanks and buzzzes or any other natural thing to make a sound thats desirable to the ear!... human influences would be: Zappa, Miles, Jimi (Herring,Hendrix,Page) Zeppelin, The Doors, the Band, John McGlaughlin, Stevie Wonder, Monk, Bird, Charles Mingus, Bill Evans is the dark sith lord of jazz piano! and the list could just go on way to long...if the song has a groove we dig it!

Latest News

10-8-07: "Birdland" made it to #9 in the Earth Top 10 for Blues-Rock! Check it out!!!

We have moved to Austin, Texas, and WE ARE LOOKING FOR LIKE-MINDED MUSICIANS to finish forming our band. BASS PLAYER, LEAD VOCALIST, GUITARIST and/or KEYBOARDIST IS WHAT WE NEED!!! If you dig our sound, drop us a line @ www.myspace.com/ouachitajams under the MUSICIANS NEEDED!!!!!!! blog.

The Duo

Drew deFrance - guitars, mandolin, keys, bass,vocal

David Pennington - drums, vocal, acoustic guitars, tabalas

Being friends since knee high to a grasshopper... we started playing music together at 14 (drew) and 17(dave)influenced by our parents records and always good rock and roll. Now at age 19 and 22 we are more influenced by life and its circumstances our musical expeditions did more into jazz, fusion, pyhcadelia and world rhythms...while always maintaning a solid groove. We love a good show ( especially Widespread Panic!) and like to put one on as well.

more to come...

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