Killing Us Inside

Story Behind The Song

This song was basically my way of introducing the pros of life and the cons of abortion. It tells the story of a boy and girl wrestling with the idea - ultimately, no decision was made in the song itself. It is left open.

Song Description

A boy and girl are going over the deep rooted meanings behind life as they deal with the question of abortion.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Cross Subject Judgement, Justice
Similar Artists Asia, Foreigner Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Where are we going?
Are we going to bow out again this time?
Where is the feeling?
The feeling that kept us both alive.
Are we the eyes of all who judge?
Can this be happening?
When will we finally say, 'Enough!'?

It's how the worlds remembered
The reason to the rhyme
It's how we give it time

It's hard to ration
In a world that's given' up instead.
We choose the reactions
Of fools whos ground we dare to tread

There is no realization
There's never much to say
Nothing stands in our way!

We had this vision
We know that we can't hide
We need our children
And, it's killing us inside

The song was somehow started
But, never will be heard
It disappears into the earth!

We had this vision
We know that we can't hide
We need our children
And, it's killing us inside!


Lyrics Warren Passaro Music Arrival
Producer Arrival Publisher Warren Passaro and Craig Higgins
Performance Arrival Label Arrival
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