I am a composer and lyricist of easy listening, pop, and instrumental music. For more of my compositions and videos, visit by YouTube channel at https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UChz3fPACuOpEkAZ0y46YGWA I am working on new music and am constantly on the look out for vocalists who might be interested in recording some of my songs. I'm not really looking to make money--just trying to get some ideas out of my head and into the world. If you have any interest in joining up, drop me a line! Thank you.
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Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to William Glewicz

Hi William, Thanks for a supportive and constructive review of Between The Earth and The Stars. The song was written by Cat Lamond, my former publisher, and I was invited to write the music. It was given to the winner of the Voice of Namibia, Claudia Nelson, a couple of years ago. Cat had it produced professionally but I agree entirely that it lacks dynamics and sounds very similar throughout. Although released, I won't be using it as a down payment on my villa with a pool!!
Thanks again,

David James
over 30 days ago to William Glewicz

Hi William. Thank you for your perceptive review of 'Mesmerise Me'. Much appreciated. David.

Hi William , thanks for those lovely stars for LOST .
I had writers block for a while , this one got me out of it !

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William Glewicz
over 30 days ago

I liked it! Really good lyrics. But yeah, I hear you. I don't post here much anymore. Just working on tunes of my own...that's its own reward, I guess. Hey, maybe that's a song! :)

over 30 days ago

There's always a song somewhere William !

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