Art and Soul. Intense but with sweetness. Dark but at peace. Electronica tones that pulsate and sweat that drips off the walls. Red lights hint up a dark room. And jazzy tunes are playing in the background. This is me. And I am that. In my body, or in my music. I LOVE IT.

I recently got accepted to Berklee School of Music for voice, and I am awaiting to see if I got the scholarship ! I have been in Austin, Texas for 8 years, and will be sad to leave. But I welcome change, and opportunity wherever it may come.

I will also be doing a showcase for a wonderful management company here in Austin, Texas, at the end of March. I have been working on my project for a year, and it is completely different than that first demo you hear, but I like what I have grown into. It is mellow, electronica, jazz. Some pop-y, funk-y radio tunes, and a lot of abstract sound scapes with soaring vocals. The bassoon and sax have a lot to do with my live sound. And the stage is very calm


I discovered music a little bit late in life. Or better, it discovered me. I have always been a performer, artist, dancer, and music was always a part of my life. But I would say I got serious in college. I worked with a bunch of singer-songwriter guys, usually just singing their songs, and experimenting with sounds. Then I graduated from the University of Texas in Radio-TV-Film, and back in 2002 I bought my first keyboard (a ROLAND Fantom Workstation !!!) and starting writing my own music. I got some gigs playing solo shows around town, then decided I would put an original band together. That was a great experience, and we wrote some beautiful music, but unfortunatley it only lasted about 2 years. I was also the lead singer of a Rock-n-Roll cover band, but I knew that was DEFINATELY not the kind of front person I wanted to be. And when that ended as well, I knew I wanted to focus on a solo record. And really create music that came from inside me, and music that would take me places I wanted to go.

So in the fall of 2005 a wonderful producer came into my life at just the right time. I didn't know how, but I knew I needed to come up with the money to record my first professional demo. (And that is the 3 songs here on broadjam.) And some months later I eneded up meeting a manager by chance at the bar I was waiting tables at. I had no idea who he was, but I went to his office, demo in hand, and was in for much more that I thought. He works for a wonderful publishing and management company here in Austin, Texas and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Over the last 8 months we have been in touch, and I have sent him 3 more demos. I have had a few really, really great meetings with him, and am now rehearsing with a new band for a showcase. He is waiting to see the "live" act. WHO I AM... on stage. It is taking a while, and putting a big band together from scratch is the most challenging thing I have ever done! But hopefully we will be ready by Januarary 07.

If anybody is reading this, all I can say is it takes time. And patience. And wow. I don't know who patience is. But somehow things just keep going, and it gets a little bit better and better. And I get better and better as a songwriter and performer!! And that is my life. This is how it goes.....Cuz I've still got enough jazz in me to shake up a room.

(Copyright 2006- Jazz (Still Got Enough)


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over 30 days ago to Sonia Carrion

hey sonia,your devil song is really cool,YEAH!i like it!glad i got to hear it today/peace-joe.

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