Rob Oswin makes RAW Boswin music. RAW Boswin is the culmination of over 35 years of blood sweat, tears and relentless pursuit of music by this born and raised Edmontonian Singer/songwriter. Writing, recording and performing over those 25 years, RAW B creates a truly worthwhile listening experience. With influences ranging from Boston to Chicago, Red Rider thru Pink Floyd and Billy Joel to Elton John, Rob pays very close attention to the songs he writes. Raw B's attention to detail in the studio and his "show-don't-tell" approach to songwriting are fortified by his deep and personal lyrical content.

RAW Boswin's music appeals to all ages and demographics. As the list of influences would imply, the songs are melodic and meaningful, and anything goes. Musical tone and mood are masterfully used to paste each track with an attitude or undercurrent for the lyrics and melody to bounce off. It should be noted, Rob has his own Protools Recording Studio which enables him to keep churning out
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