No More Lonely Nights Together

Story Behind The Song

My music has proven to be very prophetic over the years. I was inspired by the long distant relationship of a pretty little friend of mine. She spoke of her boyfriend often and I thought, "How hard that must be". Shortly after I wrote this song the first

Song Description

Two people fell in love at some point prior to the song, and are now at a point where life has got in the way. The only thing the first person knows for sure are his/her own feelings. The First person's faith in the relationship is fading and they are see

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Miserable, Anxious Subject Long, Computers
Similar Artists Bryan Adams, Dire Straits Language English
Era 2000 and later


No More Lonely Nights Together
Words and music by Rob Oswin

I thought I told you, I'd love you till the end of time
And I thought you told me you thought you would too.
But 7 nights I called you and 7 nights you weren't at home
And those 7 nights I spent alone


What's wrong… And what's right
Is I don't know what's going on again tonight
If you do… Won't you tell me true?
Cuz' I won't want to spend these lonely nights together anymore

And if you gave me one reason to believe its true love
Maybe you could gain control
But instead you call from Paris with some Cabernet confusion
Told me to set you free to save my soul?



Cuz' Internet lovin' and US dollars
Doesn't make this big old world get any smaller,
When all I really want is someone here to talk to
Alone in the castle, locked in the tower
I'm waiting for the phone to ring, I can't wait another hour
All I really want is someone here to hold me
To hold me…. Yeah

And as I lay here, I'm desperate for a message on my screen,
I'm praying you know what I mean…

No more lonely nights together…. Anymore
No more lonely nights together…. Anymore

© 2003 Rob Oswin (aka RAW Boswin)
Contact Rob Oswin at 403-289-8532 or email

Lyrics Rob Oswin Music Rob Oswin
Producer Danny Patton Publisher Rob Oswin
Performance Rob Oswin - Acoustic, Vocals and Percusion / Steve Pineo - Dobros / Tanya Kalmanovitch - Violins and Violas and Arrangement Label Inc.
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