My Indifference

Story Behind The Song

I wrote and released this song in 1999/2000, as a result of being treated very poorly by a co-worker. He, at the time, admitted he was being a jerk, (and even promised to try to be more humane??? (his choice of words, not mine)) but would never tell me wh

Song Description

You have to trust the people you surround yourself with, whether you are at work or at play. The singer in the song has been betrayed by a boss, who has no intention of admitting anything is wrong with their actions. My Indifference is based on a true sto

Song Length 3:33 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Composed Subject Power, Engineer
Similar Artists Barenaked Ladies, Dire Straits Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Words and music by Rob Oswin 1999

Was it me who told you, that was it, we were through
There's no alternative we can implement?
And got on with my day, like I'd thrown you away
And said if I was king, well things would be different?
Do I leave you alone, when we talk on the phone
Do my lips move but nothing gets answered?
Do I string you along, when you turned have I gone
And said I warned you about my Indifference?

Down-down-down, I don't give a damn
Down-down, I don't understand
Down-down-down, I don't wanna know
Down-down, Feels like letting go

Do I say I believe, cheat and lie and deceive?
And blame it all on good people and circumstance?
And runaway with the race, like a slap in the face
And say I admire you 'cause you went ahead and took a chance
Do I go to the wall, no intention at all?
To throw a line when I got to the other side?
Kicking dirt in your eyes, do I fall as I rise?
And say I warned you about my Indifference?


Its 12 years in and I think I got it figured out
Its 12 long years, I think I know what this was about…

Don't even try to explain, I can't believe what you're saying
You're telling me time is gonna be my deliverance.
So get your foot off my head, I heard everything that you said,
You're holding me down but you insult my intelligence.
I want to look in the mirror, no longer living in fear,
Of a consequence of my actions,
And drag a comb through my hair, singin' life wasn't fair
Until I learned myself a little,
Yeah, just a little…
Here we go now….


Lyrics Rob Oswin Music Rob Oswin
Producer Danny Patton Publisher Rob Oswin
Performance Rob Oswin - Acoustic, Vocals and Percussion/Steve Pineo – Acoustic/Pat McGannon - Trumpets Label Inc.
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