Lou Derr & Bootleg are a Concert opening band or a headliner for your event. Currently they have 3 songs playing on over 5000 indIe radio stations INCLUDING INTERNET RADIO. Lou Derr writes his own music as well as performs many hits from artists like Merle Haggard, John Fogerty, George Strait and others. Whether its a 100 seat Show or a 5000 seat show Lou Derr & Bootleg will put on what they call A Rockin' Country Show. Catch them this year at a Northern Ca, Venue or check out www.louderrbootleg.com

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I have just uploaded "Just Once More", "When I Dream" and "Sweet Angel" from my album "Santa Fe" I hope you enjoy them. I write all my own music. I plan to finish some other songs and upload a few more in the next day or so. I am getting a lot of fans on Airplay.jango.com

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Lou Derr-Artist/Singer-Songwriter

I grew up in the S.F. Bay area, where a lot of great music came from. That is where my roots are. Listening to Haggard, Cash and then growing up in the 60's and 70's, At the early age of 14, I stepped up onto my first stage to sing for a radio show that was live every Sunday from a local bar. Some of the great County guys were there including Red Barns on fiddle. They would not let me play guitar, I could only hold it as a prop. I sang "Corina Corina", a Merle Haggard tune. The applause was great and that's what hooked me into playing and performing live for the next almost 40+ years. I worked and hung out at "The Factory" with CCR in the late 60's and early 70's, through the CCR breakup. I also played in my own band in many of the local clubs including the Keystone-Berkeley and The Long Branch Saloon; oh I can't forget "Jerry's Stop Sign". (That's where I met Eddie Mahoney you know him as Eddie Money) but that's another story. (It was his first night on the west coast). My first paying gig was a Pacbell Christmas party. My Mom worked for them and booked us. We made 50 bucks each. That was bug bucks in 1971.
I hung out with Tom Fogerty, Doug "Cosmo" Clifford, played basketball everyday with John Fogerty at Albany High, it was pretty neat. (Those were the good ole days of music) Doug actually turned me on to Dark Beer (not a band name) one night during a Flying Burrito Bros. concert at the Long Branch. I guess I have a rock influence in my writing although I am mostly Country at heart. I can write a rock tune just as easy as a Country song. It comes from growing up listening to both.
I have taken my band members all over the place performing night clubs, opening for headliners, winning contests, basically everything you can do to self promote your music. We even went on a DOD tour that took us across the US out into the middle of the Atlantic up to Greenland into Canada all in 14 days. I think we were on 17 flights in 16 days or something like that. Ah...now the internet, what a great place to show off your stuff. I love it. Hope you like my songs, Lou Derr and Bootleg. You can check us out on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace, all the usual music sites. You can also Google, Lou Derr and Bootleg.
I have a wonderful family that I love so much. My wife is my best friend. It has been quite a ride. I am still waiting to become an overnight success. I can say after 40 years of performing I have managed to keep my wits and I still love to get out there and play and I am still looking for that break. It takes money and backers in the music business. All I have is the music that is in me. I am writing new songs and hope to get them out there for everyone to hear. I am the only one to play in my family except for my 11yr old son James; he is taking a liking to the drums and guitar, same as me. And so we start again....music never dies....Enjoy the Show.

Lou Derr

Lou Derr & Bootleg- Rockin' Country Music
Lou Derr has been performing music for as long as he can remember starting out in the San Francisco bay area, Derr honed his guitar playing and started performing at the age of 14.
In 1979 Lou moved up to Lake County and played in several bands 90-Proof was a very popular band in the 80's in and around Lake County. It wasn't until 1986 that Lou decided it was time to get serious. He formed his own band Bootleg later to become Lou Derr & Bootleg. LD&B entered several Wrangler Star Searches and Marlboro Country Round-ups and was a popular act at the Saddle Rack in San Jose, Ca. Derr once rented a bus to take 80 of his friends and fans to The Saddle Rack for a great evening of Country Rock Music which Derr now has branded as "Rockin' Country" Members have changed over the years and some have passed on. The CD "Santa Fe" has been released in it's final edition to radio and web sites as collector CD in dedication to the players on the album that aren't with us any longer such as Kelley Parker (Bass Guitar) , Rob Gertz (guitar) and Bobby Goodson (sax).
The New Lou Derr & Bootleg are still rockin' it after a 10 year break. Lou is presently writing new songs for his new CD "New Tracks". Lou has a fresh new band with old friends Charwin Ward on Drums, Mike Thompson on snarling Bass, Paul Kemp on Keyboards, Randy Hare on Guitar and Pat Ickes on Pedal Steel guitar. Who ever Lou has on stage with him, you can count on them being top notch Rockin' Country players." You will find the New Lou Derr & Bootleg performing Concerts in the Park, doing a Street Dance in Kelseyville or playing a Rodeo Dance. We are here to have fun and make the best music possible. Traveling with their new sound system and new members, Lou Derr & Bootleg are ready to ignite your party. Catch them at a show at Konocti or a backyard BBQ; don't miss Lou Derr & Bootleg's Rockin' Country Music Show heading your way.

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over 30 days ago to Lou Derr

Hi Lou, not sure what song you were reffering to #32, but I listened to ''Highway Rainbow'' very rootsy Country, I like it, H. Williams would have been proud of that one. You have a good sound going there, good band too
All the best Earl

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Lou Derr
over 30 days ago

How do I tell every one what songs I have in the six pack?

over 30 days ago

I'm not sure you can Lou, but why do you want to?
I don't think ''How Long...'' is the one in the 6 pack, if you look at your songs and look at 'song plays' you will notice it hasn't been played yet (well, I just played it, but it won't register yet) nice song though Earl

over 30 days ago to Lou Derr


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Lou Derr
over 30 days ago

Thanks for connecting...Lou

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