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I've dabbled in songwriting since my teens, but only got really serious about it about a year ago. I love all styles of music, and that probably comes though in my songs. As a writer I'm partial to country songs based on traditional roots, but I'm too stubborn and independent to be very good at following rules. Hopefully that makes my songs a little unique.

I can be reached by phone at 804-387-4669, just in case you'd like to include one of my songs on your next double-platinum project!!

I'd like to thank the talented singers who have brought my songs to life, especially Trent Jeffcoat, Mike Kelley, Troy Cook Jr. and Benjamin Olson, as well as the amazing Jimi Heath, Tim Grogan and Rod Lewis at Studio 515 in Nashville (, where all of these songs (except Mother's Day and the work tapes, of course) were recorded. Damn they're good!



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"When Tomorrow Still Believed In Us" places 3rd in the NDS Song Contest!
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Priscilla Perry
over 30 days ago to Cameron Earnshaw

Thank You for the review! I really appreciate it. I am kind of a newbie songwriter, so I am always looking for tips! Thanks Again!

Cameron Earnshaw
over 30 days ago to Cameron Earnshaw

5/16/11 - My song Calico Sundown (co-written with Robert George) was signed to Next Number One music two weeks ago and has just placed 1st in the NDS Song Contest!

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Big congrats, Cam!

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
over 30 days ago

Congratulations to you!


J.D. Carroll
over 30 days ago to Cameron Earnshaw

Yo Cameron,
Thanks for your thorough review of On & On & On. I appreciate your honest comments. I was trying out a new mic rig on that one and the rest of the band was , of course, somewhere else, hopefully making some dough. I just listened to "Keep It Off the Map" superb. Keep up the great work.
Thanks again,
JD Carroll

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