Known as "The Real Union" over 25 singles, 2 Eps and 1 album. Over 200,000 Streams on Spotify, 15, 000 plus stream on YouTube, 20, 000 plus fans across all platforms. 2022 Best R&B Soul Song-Million from The Akademia Music Awards, 2022 Best Hip Hop Song Nominees for Remember AG, Million and LLAG, 2021 Best Performance for Million at Poze Indie Music Awards, 2020 Ranked 39 on Amazon Music for Ep "No Cap" and so much more.

Rising star , entrepreneur and owner of KMP Digital Music Distribution. Singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and publisher, you can say, there's no limit on what she have done and can do. Check out her music streaming everywhere or available for download on your favorite music platforms.

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The Real Unicorn Artist

R&B indie recording artist/singer/performer/vocalist.
Alto/Soprano Singer
Won Award for Best Music Performance 2021 Poze Records Awards Show in Chicago
Top Indie Artist 2019 Vamo Radio
Official Music Video Press Release done by IssueWire
Owner of Kream Music Publishing and KMP Digital Music Release.
Support and mentor to other indie singers and music producers.
Won 3rd Place, Round 1 as a Participant in Who's who Music Competition in 2018 in Minnesota.
Passion, high energy and charisma.


Kream Music,

Thanks indeed for taking the time to review a couple of my tracks recently -- and for the positive comments. Truly appreciated!

Rex Niemand

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Hi Rex,
You have some great sounds my friend! Was my pleasure.


Hi KeKeDreams,
Thanks for reviewing I Really Want You Tonight. It was a kind review considering it's an old song which I probably should remove from BJ!
Thanks again, much appreciated,

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Hi Bob,

Yeah really nice song, I didn't know it was an old song of yours either way, Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the positive review of "Renfield's Dream" Cheers

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You are welcome. Keep doing what you do, love it!

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Clean Clean

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