"Avante-Rock" songstress, Denise Barbarita's new CD, "A Beautiful Mess", has been gaining worldwide attention.

"A Beautiful Mess" is a concept album at it's core; The subject matter being change/fear of change then finding acceptance/forgiveness leading to a new found spiritual freedom.

The CD features her new band, The Morning Papers, as well as a few prominent guest musicians, and co-writers.

Denise's songs have received international airplay and she has enjoyed regular placements on TV and Film. Some shows/Films of note:
"One Life to Live", "Traveler" "How to Grow an Olive Tree", "CSI", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" "Frontline" and many others.

Since 2003, Denise has toured across the US, and continues to do so in support of "A Beautiful Mess".

For more detailed information, please visit http://www.myshytune.com

Latest News

April 2011: "No More Words" is slated to be featured on an upcoming TLC documentary about Chandra Levy.

January 2011: Composition reel now up on Soundcloud:


Nov 2010: "A Beautiful Mess is now available!


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